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    What to do when you're not physically attracted to someone

    If you're just really attracted to her personality and nothing more, that's the start of a great friendship right there! And I think you should keep it that way.
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    How do I tell my girlfriend she's a cheapskate?

    she offers to pay for herself and stuff sometimes. no she isn't bad at buying gifts. she bought herself tons of lovely stuff. do you think that what a girl buys you reflects how much you mean to her? because that's what some of my friends said.
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    How do I tell my girlfriend she's a cheapskate?

    Hi guys! Here's the problem... I thought I'd be nice and get my gf the tattoo she's always wanted for her chrissie present. She raved bout it and all. So she got me some silly bracelet in return. NEVER MIND. After that, she was going away for chrissie to Bangkok which is the land if...
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    she has a bf.

    Yes, hello my fellow DJs! It's great to be back after a rather long hiatus, and i'm sorry it has to start with "SHE HAS A BF". I know, rather AFC of me... but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this because I've never actually tried anything with a girl who was already taken. I guess in...
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    how dya flirt with her?
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    She's setting you up for disaster. Doesn't matter who told you she was using you. Confronting her is not an option.
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    And no, don't confront her. Imagine how this would go. You: I feel you're using me. Her: (acts innocent) How??? You: (blahblahblahblhah) Her: Right. (insert lame half-hearted reply here) Later on... Her to best friend: My god, do you know how lame he is? He said i'm using him. What a loser...
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    FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT. It's evident you haven't been anything more than "friendly" with her. And how do you think she "leads you on"? You have to be playful with her, make it clear to her you guys aren't friends.
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    First Date, Debriefing welcome ^^

    Hey mate, this is the way you should have handled it. Bartender hands her the bill whereupon she reluctantly pays. You: Hey relax babe, the drink's on you, but I can think up few ways to repay you. (said with a cheeky expression) The trick is to be light-hearted and hint to her that...
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    This is how i talk to a female (learn)

    I'm doubtful. I keep feeling like the whole conversation was just very pushy, like you were desperately trying to get her to go out with you. Cut down on that a tad mate. :)
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    How do you portray a hot babe?

    Like a bratty little sister. She's the girl you love to death and won't let anyone harm. But she's the girl who gets teased by you all the time. And who's frankly quite annoying. :D
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    Response to girl that cancels

    "So that your best excuse?" You showed her you were affected and hurt by her cancellation of the date. Especially after her belittling message telling you "she'll let you know when you guys can go out." I saw potential between us but I guess you dont feel that way. You gave it up. She...
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    This chick called me "kid."

    or "Night ma." :cheer:
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    Attractive Walking (quick tip)

    hahaha. how exactly does one sway their shoulders? i can't quite picture it without it looking waaaay weird.
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    The "Art Of Gibberish" -- AKA The Million Dollar Mouthpiece

    great post. deserves a bump :D