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Recent content by jakethasnake

  1. J

    Korean girl update (christian ho)

    Re: this board is pathetic You're the only pathetic monkey in here, you idiot. Nope. Nothing macho about this. This is pure unadulterated anger. The kind that you'd feel if I stabbed your mother in front of your fvcking eyes. The kind you feel when you've had your rights and all...
  2. J

    Korean girl update (christian ho)

    Re: whatever Shut the fvck up, cracker. You are lecturing a KOREAN about Koreans. Why don't you suck on my fat, veiny Korean snake and swallow the end result? :rolleyes: Fvcking faggot. And spare me your "I'm not a KKK so I'm not racist" bullshyt. You are a mental midget...
  3. J

    FR: Christian HB FLAKE

    Why the hell would you ever date a Christian girl - especially if you're not into organized religion yourself? It's the exact same thing as a vegetarian hippie dating a meat-eating football player. Widely divergent interests. Just won't work.
  4. J

    Korean girl update (christian ho)

    And please, cut that fvcking SHYT out about not being a racist because you've fvcked non-white women. In fact, that is the WORST kind of racist. The non-malicious, blissfully ignorant kind who thinks that having coitus with non-whites makes them 'pure souls' or some shyt. This isn't...
  5. J

    Korean girl update (christian ho)

    Re: I don't know You HAD to go there. You fvcking piece of **** CRACKER. I don't give a fvck if the whiteboys here think that's racist. He deserves a racial slam for that one. Seriously, I'm glad you're self-sodomizing yourself by hanging around this user of a woman. Just for...
  6. J

    My short-ass friend and growth pills

    It seems like this is one of those things where he has to learn the hard way. He's not going to listen.:rolleyes:
  7. J

    My short-ass friend and growth pills

    Try telling my friend that. :rolleyes: :D
  8. J

    My short-ass friend and growth pills

    No no - he claims that he's taller in his bare feet. Theoretically, he could be 2 inches tallers in a few months. But I just don't trust this kind of snakeoil salesman BS. My friend is pretty fvcking stubborn, though. Maybe his obituary will read: "He grew 2 inches in 3 months." :D...
  9. J

    My short-ass friend and growth pills

    I have a friend who's below average in height. 5'6" on a good day, probably. So he tells me he's been poppin' these growth pills, and I'm worried for him. He even shows me the site: http://www.height-research.com/ Apparently this product has some HGH - albeit in non-industrial...
  10. J

    I am a woman.

    That said, I also think that Gigalo is a bit a dork - you can tell by the endless post-padding he does. Just being really frank. I mean, look at the innane bullshiznit he posts day after day after day... dude's got problems.
  11. J

    I am a woman.

    Ya'll newbie nerds need to sit down and shut da fvck up. Sure, Gigalo is being a bit cheesy using pick-up lines online, but it's the bottom line that counts. If he's practicing flirting online and he gains skills from it - more power to him. The key to vibing with women is to flirt...
  12. J

    I'm a Woman Hater

    That's what I told this dude by PM. You speak the truth man. (And no, Reed - I did not read your PM reply. I deleted it immediately. I don't take any PMs from anyone anymore.)
  13. J

    Five types of guys get the ass

    Re: Re: Five types of guys get the ass It just depends on what phase of her life she is in at said time. If she's tired of BS games and drama at that particular juncture (for ever and ever, or just for the time being) - then she'll resent you for playing with her emotions like that. A...
  14. J

    Chavs attacking girls!!!

    That's precisely what I was about to bring up, but decided against. But since the cat's out of the bag.... In America, you've got to be careful. At heart, we're still a frontier society. We have that rough-n-tumble, gritty-fingernails aggressive traits about us, us Americans. This goes...
  15. J

    Your Penis Didn't Come With a Manual. Here is one.

    Those are called penile paupules, and they are not STDs. Some men just have it, and others don't. I gotta admit it's not very pleasant looking (I get the chills just thinking about it) and *looks* like some exotic diesease, but it's NOT. Go a google search but for Pete's sake, don't post pics.