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Recent content by Jacob40

  1. J

    "Not looking for a hookup"

    These women with their stupid "No hookups" in their profiles. If I would have a $1 for each woman that said no hookups, but then hooked up with someone, I'd be rich. They say the opposite of what they want. Maybe I should set my profile to read "If you have state no hookups on your profile, than...
  2. J

    this is just getting ridiculous now.....

    If you can find a real woman and not a fake on POF, they are most likely whales or close to it. Went out with two women recently. One at least told me up front she was fat but now losing weight and doing 5k walks. Other woman was ok with a big butt but used photos that were 3 years old. It...
  3. J

    Tinder ‘study’—this **** literally proves the 80/20 rule

    True. But the women are a lot worse on other apps like Badoo, Hily, Hot or Not. Those apps have awful profiles and pictures. Probably a lot of fakes though. The best looking women seem to be on OkCupid, Zook, Match, bumble,Coffee Meets Bagel and eHarmony in my area.
  4. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Girl ghosted me 3 weeks ago. I still think she is angry about that previous thing I posted on my facebook page and took down. She has been on POF a lot this past month. On her FB friends list, she recently friended this new guy, but from looking at his profile he seems married. What's weird...
  5. J

    Going to meet that cute 49 yr old teacher tonight. How to keep frame?

    biggoal is just like one of my friends who is 44yo. He met an older chick on a cruise that is about 15yr older than him and moved in with her. I think he went that way, because he had no game with younger chicks. Younger chicks weren't giving him the time of day.
  6. J

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I would have kept no contact. With the 41yo woman I had a few dates with, she joined same dating site POF as me. Every so often, she kept viewing my profile. I decided yesterday since I wasn't getting any other matches, to just delete my profile. Will make her wonder what happened to me.
  7. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Haha hb9s. Most of them on pof seem to think they still look like a 20yr old super model. They think they can still get a super hot athletic guy as a partner. Lol.
  8. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    She is genetically lucky which is why she looks better than a lot of the other washed-up women on the same dating site. She is no where near a 4-5, but at least a 7. Post Wall doesn't matter to me. I could care less about having kids as long as I find someone that I'm happy to spend life with...
  9. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    I think she is BPD now. Well we met up over the weekend. She was irate about the whole incident and went on a rant about it. I just let her blow off steam, and then I told her to chill and that she was overreacting to one single facebook post and blowing it out of proportion. She let me tell my...
  10. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Well that may have been the case. But it looks like she wants to meet again. She contacted me tonight on the dating app and asked if I want to meet up and talk about what happened. The 0 attraction was only due to my slowness. If I act faster this time if we meet again it may go somewhere.
  11. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Admins. Can we get him banned? This guy is of no help.
  12. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    You should give up your weak pointless posts. You are the one that's weak. Look in the mirror
  13. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    What a great answer. Thanks for contributing nothing to this thread. Go back to your room and play some video games
  14. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    Hello but you didn't answer my question? Why do you think I'm not listening homie? I read all the advice. I haven't contacted that woman again or anything. I'm not taking advice from you especially with only two posts here. Your welcome newb.
  15. J

    She friendzoned me after 3 dates (41yo woman)

    What? me? I am listening to it and learning. What makes you say I'm not? You have like two posts here that are both negative in each thread.