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    A good college orientation post

    It's actually a really good idea to befriend a lot of guys first. If you have a lot of friends only after the first day, it's really impressive. What I find very important is remembering everybody's name. The more you use somebody's name when talking to them, the more they like you. Try it...
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    Can't work up the nerve

    Yeah the music really helped me to get pumped up. It might seem silly to others but this was one of the first times i've called a girl to ask her on a date, so it really helped. What kind of music do you guys use to psyce yourselves up. I used the song " Lose yourself" by eminem. What else?
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    Can't work up the nerve

    Thanks guys. I read a couple of posts from the bible, psyched myself up, grabbed my balls and called her about 10 min ago. She said yeah she's love to go out so we're going to dinner next week and then bowling. Something i did to help we get motivated to call: Try using music that psyches you...
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    Can't work up the nerve

    Hey guys. So I told my friend a while ago that I had some iterest in this chick, so my bud went and told the girl's best friend, and the best friend said I should go for it, that in her opinion, she thinks the girl is interested. However, i can't seem to work up the nerve to call her because...
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    Fitness magazines?

    Hey what do you guys think of fitness magazines. For me they are a good constant source of motivation each month, about the time my will to workout starts to flounder. What do you guys use to stay motivated?
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    Performing for confidence?

    Hey guys, I recently observed somthing about myself that I thought was worth sharing. I have been involved in performing arts for about four years now and just now realized how much confidence it gives me. If you guys can I urge you to try drama or try out for a play, you just might...
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    How do you respond to "Why don't you have a girlfriend at the moment?"

    I always say, "There's so many who want me, it's too hard to choose."
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    She might not want to freak?

    Hey guys me and this HB are going to a dance on Sat. but as I'm hanging out with her i'm realizing that she might not be super into freak dancing? What should I do if I get there and she wants to "just dance"?
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    I know there is something funny to say..

    That's an excellent idea, any more? I'm definately using that one.
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    I know there is something funny to say..

    Hey I am in a play and in this play me and this HB have to kiss like three times. I would actually like to hook up with her, and I know there is something C and F to say after we kiss (in practice, not onstage), but what is it? Any Ideas?
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    Sadie Hawkins Dance

    at my school the guy and the girl match each other as to what they wear
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    Asking her to a dance

    That approach is good, but I thought you said it was a turnaround dance. Doesn't that mean she's supposed to ask you? Here's how I did it: Me: (Walking up to HB) Hey, are you going to the Turnaround Dance? Her: No, are you? Me: No, you haven't asked me yet. Her: You wanna go with me...
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    How Are you going to ask her to winter formal

    Hey guys, it seems that for most of us our winter formals are right around the corner, so post how you're going to ask that girl in the least AFC way possible.
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    The High School DJ Bible

    LOL thanks, I'll try the search next time.