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Recent content by In2theGame

  1. In2theGame

    Looksmaxxing becomes more important as men get older

    This exactly. I'm 39 and I still attract girls as young as 20!
  2. In2theGame

    Girls wants to be texting buddies?

    I'm going to leave it alone because you guys feel what works for you, works for you. I've met thousands of Women and I have experienced what works well for me and that is direct (and being smooth about it). As far as me banging only slutty or low quality Women, I'm not sure what that means? Do...
  3. In2theGame

    Girls wants to be texting buddies?

    I have to respectfully disagree with these. I believe it's how you tell a Woman you want to have sex with her. It has to be done in a smooth and seductive way. I know because I have done it many many times with success. I agree that Women do not want to seem like an "easy slut" or some chick...
  4. In2theGame

    Girls wants to be texting buddies?

    From a Alan Roger Currie Article: "Women who operate as Manipulative Timewasters are those women who will initially, temporarily, or even indefinitely seek to give a man the misleading impression that she is a genuine Reciprocator. However, deep-down that woman is nothing more than a Rejecter...
  5. In2theGame

    Why do I attract so many Russian women

    I have always attracted Russian girls/women from a young age. I didn't know why but my guess is that they like dominant looking Men. These types are aggressive yet can be very submissive. I have noticed the same thing with Italian Women. I have ALWAYS done well with Italian or Russian Women. As...
  6. In2theGame

    Dealing with severe heartbreak - could use some support…

    From someone who has gone through brutal heartbreak in my younger years,... This is what I can tell you... It's good you "remove" her from everything, however you cannot remove her from your mind. In fact you will never forget her but over time you're feelings will change and you will no longer...
  7. In2theGame

    How does THIS end up with this?

    I wouldn't take this at face value. The most innocent wholesome looking ones can be the most devious from my experience. We don't know what really goes on behind closed doors. Plus, if this is "true love" then, good for him/them but we would have to know her personality/relationship with him to...
  8. In2theGame

    Just saw a local news chick on old

    Looks like a chick who's looking for that "Hot" guy who will use her for sex only and end up giving a "Good" guy a chance, only to later claim "Things just didn't work out". Meanwhile that "Good" guy is texting her and asking her if she wants to go on another date. I personally know girls who...
  9. In2theGame

    How do you guys tell legit Lay Reports apart from BS ones?

    The Mother/Daughter stuff is a real thing. (Not the posters story, I'm just saying in general). I have had situations where I was going to fvck the daughter and the Mother didn't mind or care and even encouraged it! When I think back, If I had tried to instigate it, I could have fvcked a Mother...
  10. In2theGame

    Observations on NYC's scene.

    Yes it's true. The previous Mayor is a fvcking idiot and this one seems to be one too. NYC crime is on the uptick unfortunately but if you're careful and mindful of your surroundings, you should be alright. I Uber most places or I'll walk if I'm going some place within a few blocks but I havent...
  11. In2theGame

    Observations on NYC's scene.

    Some hot young chicks are also at this new place called Bella Union on 29th and 3rd ave. Its one block from the Gem. Thursday, Friday and especially Saturdays its packed with hot ass.
  12. In2theGame

    Anyone notice this after getting in shape?

    I don't fully remember because it was a while ago but now that I think back, i was trying to fvck another girl who was in a group. She was visiting from Canada. She has the look I was into (Blonde with a thick ass).
  13. In2theGame

    Anyone notice this after getting in shape?

    I have found the opposite. When I was at my peak in terms of Physique, Women who were girlfriend, Fiances or Wives either threw themselves at me or at minimum heavily flirted with me to the point that if I was slightly more persistent, I could of fvcked. Just off the top of my head I remember...
  14. In2theGame

    To Men Who Prefer To Spin Plates Versus LTR

    I'm not saying its the case for me but I'm talking in general. Most Women tend to do this. I have however experienced this in my previous relationships a very long time ago and it was a monstrous headache.