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Recent content by In2theGame

  1. In2theGame

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    Replies in Bold. Start trying to approach Women instead of relying on matches and reply rates. You're trying to hide behind OLD because you may feel uncomfortable approaching in person but it's going to be the SAME thing even if you matched and met up with a chick in person. You still have to...
  2. In2theGame

    Fixing attachment / abandonment issues (I am a nice guy)

    Logically, It's a good thing to show affection to people who you find very attractive but unfortunately that's not how this cold world operates. What changes a Man from the Mr. Nice/Good guy to IDGAF guy is getting burned a few times in his life by Women and you haven't felt that yet it seems...
  3. In2theGame

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    Biggoal, You are locked in on OLD and refuse to adjust. From all of the threads I have seen from you, OLD is everything. Even if you improved your profile, your "stats", your perfectly angled pictures... at the end of the day you still need to know how to seduce a Woman and how to interact with...
  4. In2theGame

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    Biggoal have you considered getting off OLD?
  5. In2theGame

    Reply rates have really went down on OLD. What's going on?

    My advice is get off OLD. Get into the gym and put on some lean mass. the Women will come. From what i've seen, biggoal's threads on OLD are endless and goes farther than the universe.
  6. In2theGame

    Do you think it's okay to ask women if they're talking to other guys after she agrees to go out and before getting number(casually/not needy)

    Don't ask this question. Even if it's not said in a needy way, she will perceive it in her mind that you're already getting attached. You're job is to get her sexually turned on and sexually entrigued, that's it. You aren't hanging out with her to get her to play checkers with you, You simply...
  7. In2theGame

    Am I making the right choice putting money before women

    Yes & No. What is your goal financially? Are you looking to grow a business/real estate/investments and grow wealth? or do you mean just working harder and more hours? because if it's the latter, you'll end up chasing money down an endless hole. Since you're in your 20's still, I advise you to...
  8. In2theGame

    Hot POF Serial Dater with past STDS - Should I still bang?

    No. :( And... All Women are "sluts" and are very kinky however you need to be the Man that brings that side out of them. Find another girl or else you might really regret this.
  9. In2theGame

    GF Wants to Spice Things Up

    :( That's BS.
  10. In2theGame

    How much is enough?

    As a guy who has been with many Women, I "transitioned" i guess you can say but it took a very long time (5 years) for me to come to a decision on a LTR with the Woman that i'm involved with now. Since I met her (2014) she's been after me even when she knew i was with multiple Women, she was...
  11. In2theGame

    I broke up a 2 year old relationship

    You did the right thing. Period.
  12. In2theGame

    Cheating tips

    There's no need to "cheat". Be upfront with what you want from the chick.
  13. In2theGame

    The squirts

    Probably because of porn although some of the porn squirting is ridiculous. They'll show the chick shoot out harder than a fire fighter hose. Some Women haven't experienced it because the guy is not hitting the right spot that stimulates that eruption.