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Recent content by IKO69

  1. IKO69

    Women worth your while always drop the handkerchief.

    As far as IOI's, the blatant you are so good looking stuff is I think something that happens more often when you are younger. By younger I mean teenage years - probably because they are teenage girls and not sophisticated yet in their flirting. In that period I had girls sometimes blurt out I...
  2. IKO69

    What are the BIG cheating signs to look out for that you have experienced from a cheating woman?

    Their behavior changes; they become more quarrelsome, disruptive, overall harder to deal with it. Suddenly stupid little things that don't matter become a trigger. She'll become brazenly disrespectful. When this happens and there is no logical reason to support it, show her the door immediately.
  3. IKO69

    Do multivitamins work?

    Most are largely pointless. Vit D is probably the only beneficial one because it can be hard to get enough sun (for various reasons), other then that let food be thy medicine. There are specific foods that have a large quantities of certain vitamins and minerals ie if you need zinc and...
  4. IKO69

    Is it really possible for there to be involuntarily celibate women?

    Well yeah, but you have to remember 1,000,000 positive messages from rando undesirables doesn't mean anything. They aren't even on that woman's radar. If a guy receives a compliment a lot of times it means something because it doesn't happen often. The guy only gets them when he has already...
  5. IKO69

    Coffee with sugar?

    If you enjoy it, add it to your coffee. It does not have a negative impact unless the amount you are putting in is equivalent to what is in a can of soda. When I have coffee it is either straight black or I put half and half in it
  6. IKO69

    They always come back around

    There is a way to spin it but the problem is most guys don't learn anything so even if there is a glimmer of hope, it's not long before it goes right back to what caused problems in the first place. A lot of guys will pine over a woman and the entire time remain the same person that had...
  7. IKO69

    I dont sleep

    Matt Walker's book/lectures (that you can find on youtube) are very good for this. This is absolutely something you should correct. Your well being depends on getting sufficient sleep. I too had this problem and I wore it like a badge of honor - "I don't need sleep and can get so much done"...
  8. IKO69

    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    A handful of times a week. They aren't always "killer 9's" though or anything like that, but it's not uncommon to receive. I'm a decent looking man. Most of the time it is self conscious stuff - they smile and start fidgeting with their clothes or something. Some months ago I had a woman in...
  9. IKO69

    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    In my experience when things get to the point that you described where the relationship seems like it is a chore and there is a lot of fighting, drama, back biting, in short things are drastically different compared to how they used to be, things don't get better what time. You may think that...
  10. IKO69

    Dealing with severe heartbreak - could use some support…

    Time bro, time heals all wounds. We have all been there are some point. All of us have felt wronged and have wanted to justify ourselves (over breakups - we are usually the one's that get dumped). It's hard but it will lessen over time and you will move forward; the current pain and...
  11. IKO69

    Why do women get angry when they find you attractive but you don’t make a move?

    The reason is egocentric. It's a hit to their self esteem if a guy they like doesn't make a move. They think about how they have a bunch of guys interested in them, always pursuing them and yet this guy who was "lucky" to get a chance, blew it. This kind of validation is very important to...
  12. IKO69

    Forgiving vs holding grudges...

    Women or people in general? I'll speak on both --- up through my mid 20's or so I used to be the type to hold big grudges, for long periods of time (some spanned since teen's). During that period I was also reading different kinds of literature (Joseph Murphy) and I decided to let a lot of...
  13. IKO69

    You must create the opportunity with a woman if you want to get laid

    The effort is commensurate with the level of interest she has in you. My current girlfriend pretty much got the ball rolling. I knew her through a friend and we would talk at parties/outings that my friend would plan. I got to know her but not very well - we'd text occasionally and I never...
  14. IKO69

    Most relationships don't work, so what is one to do?

    When you've stumbled at various times in your life what did you do? You picked yourself up, brushed yourself off and kept going.
  15. IKO69

    Would legalizing brothels solve problems with Western women?

    It would solve the involuntarily celibate issue but there is a big difference between a woman giving herself to you because she wants you vs you paying for it. One does something great for your self esteem, the other does not....might actually make it worse. The same guys that feel like ****...