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"I think on a sub-conscious level we are in awe of our own potential"

"Seriously, if you have your life together, have a cushy well-paying job, a nice ride, a lavish bachelor pad, work-out several days a week to maintain killer abs, have a couple friends with a healthy social life, and have women fawning over you left and right, do you think you’d have a second of time to be discussing who is and is not a fcuking alpha male?...Add some fcuking substance to your life"

"The point is, don't "just" be yourself. Be yourself the way you've always dreamed you would be - and never rest until you get there."

"This is one of the biggest social conditionings that a guy faces in his sex life. Being polite...Once you start to screen the world, and womens behavior through that truth you see many many other truths. ONE being that you walking up to a chick isn't "bothering" her in any way." --Gunwitch

"Patience: What truly makes a Don Juan...Women, on initial dates, just simply want to have fun and have a good time...Patience is NOT inaction nor 'chickening' out...Patience is controlling your eagerness"

"A man with options has power, and from these options and this sense of power, a natural sense of confidence will manifest itself"
--Rollo Tomassi