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Recent content by HHloser2

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    Girl asked me to her house and I met her mother

    Am i the only who expected a milf story? =/
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    What is the driving force behind this myspace craze?

    For the attention obviously.
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    myspace stalker

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    For myspace users:

    omg so gay mine stopped working. . anyone find another plzzz
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    For myspace users:

    got it to work. Nice thanks.
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    For myspace users:

    So which one is it? the URL or the number itself?
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    What do you watch on T.V?

    History channel, King Of Queens, Family guy, Simpsons, King of the hill and especially Smallville.
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    Spanish speakers out there?

    Feliz dia de san valentin! Han sido unos buenos meses desde el comienso del año de escuela, estoy contendo de aberte cococido y espero que aigas disfrutado nuestra relacion igual que yo.
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    Getting Over Approach Anxiety-Cant Say Hi?

    Good job man. pics!
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    How do you answer this??

    I used this one a few days ago on a chick. "Oh...Im doing great!......well until I saw you!....ah I think im getting sick...cough cough....ah ;) " Her expression was priceless and playfully punched me.
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    Interesting Field Report: Smooth

    Fantastic. :)
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    How do u DJ when a girl approach u like this?

    to your friend" Ah another one of those stalkers get th 911 phone readY!;) " then turn around and say hi.
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    he's a virgin!

    Of course not, say it in her ear.