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    I cannot be sexually satisfied which is making me unhappy

    It’s called being a guy.
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    What are my chances tonight? Are they good?

    How will our evaluation of your chances benefit you?
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    Is telling a woman you miss her/thinking about her weak?

    It’s not inherently weak to say these things. As long as you aren’t suffocating her with attention or coming from a place of neediness/approval-seeking. And, of course, there should be some congruence between what you say and the stage you are at. Obviously you think twice about getting...
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    The Great DJpression

    You're comparing an average modern-day SS poster to the best of all time. Also, even back in AD's day not everyone thought like he did. As an aside: I always thought Anti Dump was great because he knew what he wanted. Too often on these forums people forget their goals. For example, if your...
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    Status: What guys do hot girls as a whole flock to after college? Who are the popular guys?

    I'm assuming the original poster is in college right now? If you have the mentality that college is a template for the rest of your life, a closed system where the groupthink of people +/-2 years from your age determines what's cool and what's not (which is only ever true for maybe the first...
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    how to tell if your attractive literally?

    Work on your attractiveness, but don't worry about what your "true number" is. I sleep with and date attractive women, and it sure isn't because I have money. Does it matter if I'm a 6/10? a 10/10? who cares?
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    Is anybody here actually happier when in a serious relationship vs being single?

    Yeah, perfectly happy in a ltr. Stability is great, especially if you have other things you want to do with your life (read the classics, start a business, go back to school, etc). Believe it or not, the kind of support you get from a GOOD female partner is not comparable to having some close...
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    Bear grylls gives LTR advice.

    It's good advice. It's even better if you give her a proposed solution. You just say: Look, <thing you do> isn't working for me because <way it bothers you>. What if from now on, <reasonable proposal>? Usually the answer is something like "Sorry, now that I see it your way I understand. That...
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    What age did you quit the night scene?

    It got old by the time I was ~19. As you say, it can still be fun sometimes if you're in a foreign country or it's a special event. If there's a DJ you really like spinning funk records or something that can be fun (and a place to meet people who like the same music as you) but otherwise, yeah...
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    Smh - Date for Tonight Attempts Power Play, Throws Tantrum

    I rarely agree with you but I'm with you 100% on this. Once I became a little more persistent I had much better dating experiences. Especially with girls from certain cultures where the norms are different and we're just having early miscommunications. You guys tend to forget that the girl...
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    Alphaness is not a desirable trait for most women

    Couple of thoughts to add: - A lot of behaviours that are considered "alpha" get tiresome after a while. Things like telling her "i'm picking you up at 7, dress nice, cancel your plans" with no negotiation of timeframe is hot in the beginning, but not so hot half a year later when she was...
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    sh1t testing is bullsh1t

    OP, you're right. A lot of this PUA stuff is garbage in real life. Some things suggested on this site, like a committing to self-improvement, are good advice. But the sh1t test stuff and this "us vs them" look at male/female interactions is ridiculous and not a productive way of viewing things...
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    Girlfriend usually dates older guys, and I feel like I need to compete with them

    Congrats on the weight loss. Your scenario reminds me a bit of a relationship I was in. I was dating this very attractive, put-together girl who was 5 years older than me and had usually dated guys older than her. I didn't match the profile of her usual "type" at all. Every so often I would...
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    do you buy gift for your girlfriend?

    For christmas my girl and I each contribute 100 bucks to the "travel fund." Same with the anniversary, valentine's day, and birthdays.
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    So what are the best ways to give these women those "emotional roller coasters"

    Don't think about giving her a rollercoaster; live your own life and that will be interesting enough for her.