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Recent content by Hamurabimbi

  1. Hamurabimbi

    Introverts vs. Extroverts. Which do you prefer dating?

    Maybe I should clarify. I’ve only dated extroverted girls.
  2. Hamurabimbi

    Introverts vs. Extroverts. Which do you prefer dating?

    Only extroverted girls seem attracted to me...
  3. Hamurabimbi

    Are gay women jerks to you?

  4. Hamurabimbi

    Abundance over 45

    1). Pre-Covid, yes. I’ve been in two serious relationships since 11/19 so, NO at this time. (I usually date 20 somethings. But not always). 2). Yes.: Work. Work related. Tinder (not on currently). Baristas, convenience clerks, etc... 3) pre-Covid 3. Now, one. 4). No. Never was that...
  5. Hamurabimbi

    bad hair days?

    Baseball cap keeps sun off my face. Beanie & backwards cap gives me a very ‘bad boy’ vibe. Which can be fun.
  6. Hamurabimbi

    Do you Pay for First Dates?

  7. Hamurabimbi

    bad hair days?

    Baseball cap. Beanie.
  8. Hamurabimbi

    Tell us about one of your best, most fun, interesting, weird, wild or legendary dates...

    First date. Tinder. 13 hour long date in 2019. Very young girl. We got trapped in an elevator for an hour and the FD had to rescue us. The elevator kept slipping, she had to pee. It was my fault. I told her I’d understand if she didn’t want a second date. We wound up BF/GF for 9 months.
  9. Hamurabimbi

    Picking up waitresses

    Fine. Except for the ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’
  10. Hamurabimbi

    Picking up waitresses

    Most attractive waitress types get hit on a lot. So she’s going to be the chooser. If you’re socially calibrated, you’ll know if she’s into you. She’ll likely make it obvious. If it’s a one shot. Flirt hard. Consider leaving a business card. Or write your # on the check. If you visit once a...
  11. Hamurabimbi

    How do you guys give off the Player vibe and how to avoid it?

    How you look >>>> how you act. People can tell, just by looking at you, if you get action. I don’t think it can be avoided or frauded.
  12. Hamurabimbi

    Women and a few betas bash a guy because he’s 30 and never had a relationship

    Not being in a relationship ever, and being over thirty would raise an eyebrow or two.
  13. Hamurabimbi

    Don Juans Everywhere!

    Was there recently. Nice downtown & farmers market. Good food. Steinbeck Museum was cool.
  14. Hamurabimbi

    What Zodiac signs have you dated/your opinion on them

    Oddly, mostly Cancer. Strong willed, rebellious, aggressive and physical. Very, very, very loyal. Almost fanatically devoted. I would trust them, even my ex-s, with my life.