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Recent content by GT40

  1. GT40

    Is my prof. interessted?

    Ok. Enough talk here. Either sack up and wreck her or move on. shes sending the signals. Figure it out
  2. GT40

    Lay Report: Hot Blonde Russian

    Well done sir-well done
  3. GT40

    Does Anyone Else Hate Eating a Girl Out?

    Got to admit-Love it. I always do this for the wife. She doesn't have to ask -I just insist.
  4. GT40

    A Missed Opportunity

    Oh well, next just for it and take the shot brother-you've got nothing to lose. Who knows, she may have passed ? Or the other and you'd be having an on-going item.
  5. GT40

    To My Smokin' Hot Soulmate

    Ir's going to be a Beta Xmas for many I suppose. ? Think I'd pass on giving that gift.
  6. GT40

    separation after 9 years of marriage

    I was thinking the same. She’s attempting to distance herself. watch the bank accounts and CC’s. We may be wrong ???
  7. GT40

    The latest James Bond film.

    Great movie. Craig is good in all of them.
  8. GT40

    Women who want Married Men ? Why?

    That makes sense. I think I work with this new staff this weekend. I’m going to gauge this and see how it plays out
  9. GT40

    Got laid twice this past week

    Nice work man. Anybody of important status or just plates ??
  10. GT40

    When you suspect she's cheating on you...

    This is how I’d play it too Well said.
  11. GT40

    NBA Star Leaves Fiancée At Alter When Refusing to Sign Prenup

    At least he’s smart enough to look after his interests. Unlike so many other rich athletes. Who always seem to think with the wrong head.
  12. GT40

    Need Help with LTR **** tests

    Dude those aren’t SHT tests. You’re over thinking it.
  13. GT40

    Why the rise in sexless men/simps is the final blow to dating

    Very true. All those web sites for hook ups and dating are all men. Who will screw anything with pulse. They don’t care. Also social media gives females way more options too.
  14. GT40

    Dating a girl who had childhood trauma from a crazy mom

    Run like hell. Or spin her as a plate. Do not get involved with her.
  15. GT40

    Can employers find out whether...

    In Canada yes they can. Public records.