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Recent content by GoodOne123

  1. GoodOne123

    Engineering vs Finance?

    I fear that even if I swap careers I'll still end up unsatisfied. A job is a job at the end of the day. Funny thing is I was very passionate about my career in the beginning, but now the novelty has worn off and it's just work to me. I feel like I'm going through a mid life crisis. Aside from...
  2. GoodOne123

    Engineering vs Finance?

    So I've been working as an engineer for a few years now. Still young and 26 years old. My salary is pretty average, but way less than people that work in investment banking or management consulting. If I stick to engineering I'll afford a decent standard of living, but not amazing. I regret...
  3. GoodOne123

    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    First time I went raw I got a strange red spot on the end of my shaft 2 weeks after. I popped it and it went away. Didn't bother going to a clinic Second time I went in raw I got a funny burning feeling in my **** for about a week. Didn't go to a clinic for that either. Dumb thing to do Imo...
  4. GoodOne123

    How to tell if their crazy!?

    A feeling that something is off. It may be something she did or said, regardless the feeling is the same every time. Anyways, I think crazy can be a subjective term. And some guys actually like a bit of crazy in their lives, makes things more interesting. For inexperienced guys I'd advise in...
  5. GoodOne123

    Buying big oil stocks now?

    Hey guys, what is your opinion on buying some oil stocks for a long term hold? I'm looking at Royal Dutch Shell at the moment. They are recently investing in renewable energy too. There doesn't seem to be any good bargains out there except for oil, which I am sure will bounce back when planes...
  6. GoodOne123

    How to find a business idea?

    The problem is finding an idea worthy of pursuing. If I find that I'm willing to go all in
  7. GoodOne123

    How to find a business idea?

    I'm planning to start it alone. There's no one in my social circle which I can see partnering up with. Although if I meet someone suitable in the future I will consider it. I've got quite a diverse of this skills like programming, engineering, music, and fitness. I'm just waiting for that...
  8. GoodOne123

    How to find a business idea?

    Starting a business has been on my mind for years. Now that I have been working my corporate job for 4 years Im getting fed up of working for someone else for mediocre wages. How do you come up with a good business idea? Do you sit and just think about it for ages? Do you do lots of research...
  9. GoodOne123

    Girl who ghosted me. Should I delete her from social media?

    Delete on all platforms. Why do you care about what she thinks of you? You gave her a chance and she messed up. At this point she deserves no more space in your mind
  10. GoodOne123

    Do you approach girls while wearing these face masks?

    I personally wouldn't. Cold approach has low enough success rate as it is, add in a global pandemic and a face mask in the mix and your chances have got even smaller. Online dating and instagram is what I think people should use now. Even if I was to approach someone in person it would be...
  11. GoodOne123

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    Appreciate the support brother. Will dm you if things get tough
  12. GoodOne123

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I'm 25 and in shape with no health conditions. There's a slim chance someone like me will catch it, get ill from it, and suffer permanent damage. But I do acknowledge that it's a possibility. What I'm saying is that I've hit breaking point. I need to ease off the self isolation, but minimise...
  13. GoodOne123

    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I recently banged one from tinder. Unfortunately didn't wear a rubber. Haven't checked myself for anything yet. Initially I was worried about catching covid-19, but now I care less. Staying at home all day has done more damage to my mental health than this virus ever will. At this point Im...
  14. GoodOne123

    cold approaching waste of time

    A few cold approaches a week is ok, as long as it's in your day to day life. It's a problem when you're going to the club every week for the main purpose of cold approaching. I used to do that when I partied a lot. I wasted so much money and time doing that lol
  15. GoodOne123

    Difficult girl on tinder

    If i happen to be free on a particular day I will agree to a date, If I'm not I won't. In either scenario I'm putting myself first. Why would I decline an offer to hang out with a girl when otherwise I will be sat on my couch doing nothing? Just to not look too "available"? That is already...