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Recent content by GioWolf

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    Nuru Massage From Tinder

    100% Also, you would be rewarding someone using a dating app for the wrong reason.
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    "Model" Turns Down 25,000 Guys LOL!

    I read the article. It confirms the Pareto principle in dating. The small percentage of men that are the most attractive have many options, this "model" has nothing to offer them (99% models don't make much money and their career has a shelf life). Being fit won't automatically qualify you...
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    This guy needs some help, what advice would you give him?

    Do fat girls count :rofl:
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    Do you think the average size of the engagement ring has gone up because OnlyFans has made women equate dating with getting paid?

    Imagine dropping $10k on a ring and $100k on a wedding/honeymoon just to get once a month starfish pity sex.
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    what's up with feminine men, and women being attracted to them?

    Playing the Dandy They will date these “men” but will never truly desire them they would a UFC fighter.
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    So I tried Adult Friend Finder...

    There is zero reason for any woman to use a site like that. They can get no strings sex from both real life and regular dating sites. Plus there is plausible deniability if they are seen on just on a regular dating site. Sites like AFF have been a scam from day one. Preying on horny dudes. If...
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    Biggest Beta Cuck of 2021?

    I can relate. I was raised in female dominated household. Back in my teen/early 20's I failed to seal the deal many times because I didn't want the girl to think I was only looking for sex. It turns out, women set me up for failure with women. I read the book "No More Mr Nice Guy" by Dr Robert...
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    NY Mets GM | Lack of game obliterates status

    Wow. Don't stick your pee-pee in crazy.
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    My Planned Date Cancelled Tonight, So....

    Another train comes every 10 minutes
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    New girl

    Iron Rule #3
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    Tupac before and after redpill

    I absolutely love Tupac. Perfect example of a “nice guy” raised by a single mom who had to learn the hard way. He spoke the truth and and was declared a misogynist.
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    NY Mets GM | Lack of game obliterates status

    Yes, the dad bod does not help at all. Which really irks me because this guy probably has access to state of the art gyms and personal trainers.
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    Sugar Dating on Rise

    Technology is allowing the bar for entry to be set so low. I remember about 20 years ago I was waiting tables at a nice steakhouse. The bartender there was mid 20's and genuinely a 9. There was this short dude in his 50s with a dad bod always coming in to see her. They would go on dates and take...
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    "Game" of your parents and grandparents would not work today

    It’s only creepy if you’re unattractive.