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Recent content by Georgepithyou

  1. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    Believe me i agree with a lot of this Proverbs 31:10-31 and Proverbs 18:22 also back this up, however i can't find women my age who share the same view at church. The only piece of "advice" my christian peers give is "just pray for it" as if a woman is going to fall out of the sky if i pray...
  2. Georgepithyou

    Slvtty Women with Daddy Issues - Good or Bad?

    I've yet to meet a mentally stable woman with daddy issues, they almost always end up as slvts and are terrible for any sort of LTR. I've dated a few but it never lasted since they have commitment/attachment issues from their past. Sure it feels good when they are calling you daddy during s*x...
  3. Georgepithyou

    My friend is a cuck

    Unfortunately nothing you say or do will change his mind, nobody likes to be told what to do. Hopefully he learns his lesson before it's too late and does come around
  4. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    My parents are from a more traditional conservative background, which is probably why most people in our extended family have the same story as them. But people from immigrant background born and raised in the west tend to be just as worse these days. I'm starting to feel like I'm going to be...
  5. Georgepithyou

    Vaccines got full FDA approval

    I just love the people who protest against lockdowns. "Oh no, the government wants to pay me to stay home so I don't get or spread a deadly virus! The horror!" Long term testing for a vaccine is 3 weeks, i work in clinical trials. I don't get why so many guys continue believing misinformation...
  6. Georgepithyou

    Sydney Australia

    I need a good sydney crew, most syd pua groups are 90% indian chodes with zero game or social awareness.
  7. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    You're right about this, even at my age I'm happier when I'm in a relationship instead of being single. I think with 30+ year old men it's harder to make friends so the wife is the only form of companionship they have. Well my parents married young right out of college and are still together...
  8. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    That's what friends are for, you don't really need a woman for that. Its good for both men and women to marry young in my opinion, that's what my parents and ancestors did. That's why i too want to get married ASAP but finding women who actually are serious about marriage is a herculean task...
  9. Georgepithyou

    Do attention h0es get satisfaction of stringing guys on?

    Women these days literally will rationalize anything just to not take accountability. For the sake of your sanity i suggest you give up on OLD, it's like dumpster diving for food.
  10. Georgepithyou

    The Myth of Chad (Who Has a Thousand Lays)

    I disagree, a lot of us look up to Chads and want to become one ourselves. That's the whole reason a lot of us even got into game in the first place. It always inspires me when i see that sort of thing, especially when it's a shorter guy with a tall good looking girl.
  11. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    Why would a man marry a woman if it were not for kids? Marriage provides a stable environment for children to grow up in.
  12. Georgepithyou

    Is there a mandatory firmware update for women once they hit their 30s?

    21-22 is a woman's prime, anything after that is a slow decline. They get jaded and bitter since they don't get as much attention as they used to. The smart ones lockdown a Chad early on.
  13. Georgepithyou

    Wife Hunting Abroad

    I'm surprised north Africa is dark green, this is another example of why the west has declining birth rates though. It's a lot harder to have kids when your older especially with how expensive IVF can be
  14. Georgepithyou

    So tired of Snapchat...

    Actually you're wrong, for some reason women love to block men on snapchat.
  15. Georgepithyou

    To Mask or not to Mask?

    Surgeons wear those masks for 10-12 hours a day, they have been used for centuries and they clearly serve their purpose.