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Recent content by gabvfx

  1. gabvfx

    What is red pill, blue pill, etc mean?

    Blue pill is the standard mentality men have been instructed since childbirth to believe , red pill consists in awakening to the truth. I don't know much about the purple pill black pill bull****. Read The rational male by rollo tomassi volume 1, 2 , 3 you will have a different outlook on...
  2. gabvfx

    "Game" at a new workplace

    I wouldn't , its recipe for trouble later down the road. Specially talking to several at the workplace.
  3. gabvfx

    Call a girl out on two word text responses?

    Bro, so the first couple messages she left you without response. Then you started with "hope your week is going well" don't say this kind of stuff.. you need to use your imagination to open convo , that "i hope your week is going well" is like too nice but boring at same time, if she regularly...
  4. gabvfx

    Would you say this is platonic?

    In my opinion you failed to take things further , untill she says no! or resists I would assume its safe to keep going. Keep in mind tho sometimes they can tell you to stop and say no while laughing and giggling and thats a different story, it means they are enjoying it but they don't want to...
  5. gabvfx

    When She Brings Up Other Guys in Conversation

    Ill keep this short , I see many perspetives in here and I can't really disagree with any although in my experience , every chick I have dated , has brought some "crazy ex" that stalked her, a bestfriend , some other dude, or simply commenting how some old men at the coffe shop she works in...
  6. gabvfx

    Silence , Distance and calling her out on her bull****

    Damn man, you suspected she was cheating? I understand that you weren't expecting this to happen but it would have been dope if you managed to take another girl out with those tickets. And I agree they will always thinking they're right, or that they have a valid excuse no matter what you say...
  7. gabvfx

    Silence , Distance and calling her out on her bull****

    Im usually unreactive and unphased when women throw in some bull**** or cause drama ( even though I get really upset sometimes I just really don't let it show 90% of the time). Thing is sometimes I think that may be a passive agressive way of dealing with things, should confrontations with women...
  8. gabvfx

    A "next" that was hard to do, but I'm disciplined.

    Not only she set the frame , was probably using you for a freemeal/drinks, she wasn't being compliant or submissive. " And then telling me off for not being on time. " she just assumed you were taking her to the restaurant? Thats funny. As you can see she had no problem telling you off when her...
  9. gabvfx

    Question about no contact -one itis

    Thanks bro
  10. gabvfx

    Question about no contact -one itis

    Hello, this is my first post in this forum, im recently redpill, luckily I didn't suffer much,turned 24 one month ago. I've consumed alot of redpill content on youtube and read The rational male and currently halfway to the 2nd volume Preventive medicine, it was kind of easy for me to accept it...