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Recent content by Fruitbat

  1. Fruitbat

    Not sexually interested in current LTR

    I find in my LTRs it’s not that you go off the girl per se, it’s that she gets comfortable and so do you. I had a rough patch with my wife for a bit. Stress, kids etc. however, one thing we have going is an 11 year age gap. There’s a reason why these relationships have a value. I always see...
  2. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    metropolitan white women
  3. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    i know, the comment still stands
  4. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    Why don’t you take a seat right over there for me sir.
  5. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    can’t say I agree, you can have shared objectives like the welfare of your children, your house, your holidays. different interests but I see it more like a Co worker than a buddy. my wife and I have little in common in terms of things like music and interests but 90% of our life is moving...
  6. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    You just don’t have anything in common with 20 YO chicks when you’re 40. Nice to look at, everything is in the right place but they’re just from another world. women late 20s early 30s you know will be nearer your page and probably much better in bed in my experience.
  7. Fruitbat

    Crypto trading

    The really challenging thing is how CPI is rocketing away but crypto is tanking. I feel sorry for them. One of my friends completely rejects using traditional investments, but sunk his 30k into crypto and did the usual crowing about how clever he was. I doubt he’s got half of it now.
  8. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    my wife is East Asian. met when she was 24 and looked about 18 She’s now 29 and looks about 19 When I’m 50 she’ll be 39 and look about 25 When I’m 60 she’ll be 49 and look about 35 however, Asian women don’t age and then they hit a massive wall at menopause. so when she’s finished menopause...
  9. Fruitbat

    At what age do women start to look bad?

    40 here. As I’ve aged, I still find 18-24 attractive but I kind of find them too young looking. As I’ve aged I think a late 20s girl is perfect now. I find women up to about 45 can be attractive. Sometimes it’s the woman’s character at older ages, funny how this changes.
  10. Fruitbat

    High testosterone = angrily sad?

    I’m not sure about testosterone and sex drive. I struggled a bit with mine for a while. Turns out it was stress. Tested and in range. i just lost interest in sex, I had been bereaved and had a lot going on. Now that’s over and I have a better environment then it’s back. The Dr said a lot of...
  11. Fruitbat

    Crypto trading

    Perhaps they bought it off the back of this kind of prediction?
  12. Fruitbat

    Why Do Women Break Up With Guys Who Lose Their Jobs

    a 40k earner (which is about £30k earner) will still have relevance to some women. Some fairly wealthy women choose men who decorate their arm. I know at least 2 solicitor women who have guys who are soldiers or gardeners but in their world, that dude is a catch. generally though, you are...
  13. Fruitbat

    Crypto trading

    I haven’t been here for months. What happened to your 150k BTC before the end of 2021? good luck running your hedge fund, Mr Programmer.
  14. Fruitbat

    Would you date a girl who smokes cigarettes?

    So it’s settled. Sosusave doesn’t like smokers. What about girls who go to church like once a month? I’d take a smoker over a religious chick all day. One shows a mistake and an addiction. The other is an indication of naievety and stupidity.
  15. Fruitbat

    Crypto trading

    yes, show us your trades. You’ve said BTC at £100k before end of year. now it’s switched to trading. Put your money where your mouth is. anyone can say they’re printing money. Publish your trades otherwise it’s BS. if it’s volatile, why weren’t you saying this when you were saying that...