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Recent content by FlexpertHamilton

  1. FlexpertHamilton

    Low volume semen

    Does it matter? Semen volume doesn't correlate with sperm health much does it? If your orgasms are less intense as well then it's probably lowered libido/test from stress or lack of sleep.
  2. FlexpertHamilton

    She can’t ***

    This is a hot take but I think trying too hard to satisfy a girl is a form of simping. Lots of guys probably suck at sex, I get it, so you want to stand out and give her a wild ride...but it takes two to tango. She should be putting in effort too. Other times, it can just be a lack of sexual...
  3. FlexpertHamilton

    A new meme - women "decentering men"

    Everything they do is reactionary and an emulation of behavior from men. Women don't have their own thoughts.
  4. FlexpertHamilton

    Almost got in another fight

    I don't think so, but it's possible and it would make more sense, probably too stupid to know how damaging it could be. Why not fixed blade knifes? Collapsible batons are a bit clunky and you need to keep them oiled. I do agree, but that could have easily been a concussion or much worse so I...
  5. FlexpertHamilton

    Almost got in another fight

    I pretty much always obsessively check my mirrors, when I'm stopping or stopped, figures one of the few times I don't, this happens. That is true, and yeah I have avoided fights my whole life, only been in one. But something like this crosses the line.
  6. FlexpertHamilton

    Almost got in another fight

    I'm absolutely sick of these e-bike and e-scooter faggots too, they have zero concern for traffic rules and most of them are gen Z clowns and hooligans. I want to fvcking shoot them.
  7. FlexpertHamilton

    Almost got in another fight

    On Saturday night in a busy bar area, I was waiting on my motorcycle waiting to make a left turn at a light and suddenly I felt a strong whack on the back of my head. Three hooligans faggots on e-bikes had just passed me and one of them must have stuck out their arm to smack me. I'm guessing...
  8. FlexpertHamilton

    Is LinkedIn simply Tinder for careers?

    No, it's the instagram for careers, but somehow even more fake and insincere. It's a joke platform that only benefits employers.
  9. FlexpertHamilton

    Unsatisfied after not opening a girl at a coffee shop

    I get IOIs or "choosing signals" very often and don't always capitalize on it either and it's always a shvtty, shvtty feeling that stays with me for days or weeks. I still remember some from years ago, yet have forgotten 99% of rejections in that same period. What's crazy is, you might talk to...
  10. FlexpertHamilton

    Why are women so miserable?

    No they don't. Women can only be happy when they're with a superior man that leads them to happiness.
  11. FlexpertHamilton

    What do you think of ASMR?

    I used to enjoy it before the talentless e-wh0re thots hijacked it and ruined it. There was a guy on YT I really liked who used unique items to create sounds, no talking. I'm so disgusted by it now (because of the thots) I don't even want to associate with it anymore. One of my favorite ASMR videos
  12. FlexpertHamilton

    Asian women are a different breed

    Asian women are usually more agreeable, affectionate, and submissive, it's bred into them. I don't care about submissiveness too much , but I adore agreeable and empathetic women who don't give you headaches and these qualities are completely lacking in most modern western women. Also, all Asian...
  13. FlexpertHamilton

    Any non vaxxed dating apps?

    If that's true I'm fvcked I consistenly nutted inside at least 3 vaxxed women over the past couple of years, I'm talking probably 20, 30 times between them all. Personally I felt no change though, in fact, my CV health is far better now than it's ever been. The whole vaccine shedding thing is...
  14. FlexpertHamilton

    Every man worth his salt needs to watch this

    If you don't wanna watch the whole thing the best parts are around the 1hr 50m mark to the end but the whole episode is just gold. This is from 2007. 16 years before dating talk podcasts were remotely a thing, and when the red pill was still in it's infancy and completely underground. Patrice...
  15. FlexpertHamilton

    Asian women are a different breed

    Once you go Asian you can't go back to naggy white women.