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Recent content by FlexpertHamilton

  1. FlexpertHamilton

    Cold approach is becoming impossible

    I'm convinced low quality mass approaching is a complete waste of time. Only talk to women who give you IOIs - same as the overall principle in only pursuing women who show high IL right away. You can get away with only doing 1-2 approaches per month, as long as you choose quality over...
  2. FlexpertHamilton

    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    I briefly dated a girl a who looked very cute without makeup but she was a self-confessed makeup addict and she'd put way too much on and it just didn't look good. The beauty industry has done some real work on them. I'm actually convinced that womens cosmetics are part of the reason their skin...
  3. FlexpertHamilton

    Sexual apathy

    My sex drive has always been quite low, even in my early 20s. But as I age I find sex becoming more enjoyable because I know what kind of girl I like. For some reason the last several women I've had sex with was the best sex I've ever had (and I raw dogged several of them). In your case it...
  4. FlexpertHamilton

    Women in their 20s and early 30s

    Not without makeup.
  5. FlexpertHamilton

    Tips to lose weight easily

    It's not disinformation at all, it's simply cutting edge. Even though keto/carnivore are a meme, they have real literature to support many of their claims. I'm still not fully convinced either way - nowadays I focus entirely on quality of food/ingredients over macros or even calories, though I...
  6. FlexpertHamilton

    Tips to lose weight easily

    Keto works as a short term meme and it's proof positive that our modern conception of diets are completely wrong. From what I've heard, the body doesn't have a preferred energy source, it's happy to run off ketones. Though that is probably debated. The real issue isn't actually getting enough...
  7. FlexpertHamilton

    Tips to lose weight easily

    It's actually amazing how much fat accumulates in your face from bad diet, and a lot of that is probably inflammation. When you fast and eat right you can see much more of your bone structure. Once you notice that you realize almost everyones face is flabby. Even most "thin" people are in fact...
  8. FlexpertHamilton

    Caffeine addiction

    [citation needed]
  9. FlexpertHamilton

    Nootropics and cognitive enhancement

    I dislike the term nootropics because is actually has a tight definition that most things don't fall under. "Cognitive enhancers" or smart drugs is a much better term although it's vague. Really depends on what you're looking for, but I can give a list of some of the most powerful and effective...
  10. FlexpertHamilton

    Tips to lose weight easily

    If you cut out sugar, refined grains, and processed vegetable oils (canola, soybean, etc) and fast at least 16:8 per day you're guaranteed to lose weight fast, especially if you do full keto/carnivore. I went from 225lbs to 175lbs just doing keto, and it only took a few months. I struggled to...
  11. FlexpertHamilton

    Is Hot and Cold Behavior the Solution in Dating?

    I would add to this and say you can also direct in your words and force them to communicate overtly. Bottom line is, if they don't play ball, walk away. I am tired of men saying women don't respond to logic/direct communication. If you are direct AND willing to walk away, they will comform.
  12. FlexpertHamilton

    Best breakup song ever?

    I know I could always turn to you Treat me so fine like you always do ^ Especially love these lines. He's talking about having a side/backup chick who will always be around for you after a breakup....
  13. FlexpertHamilton

    Going To Bars/Clubs Is That A Red Flag For You?

    Nothing is a red flag for plates, since I don't care. I would never date a women who goes out to busy bars/clubs regularly on weekends with slutty friends.
  14. FlexpertHamilton

    When she cuts her hair short.

    They know exactly what they're doing. Most women don't really care what men want. Most of them who cut their hair short are making a statement, basically "you must accept me no matter what my physical appearance is" or maybe they're trying to pretend that objective beauty isn't a thing - a post...
  15. FlexpertHamilton

    SoSuave NoFap November 2022 challenge (Sex is okay!)

    Yeah it's retarded, fapping is not the issue, porn is the issue. Internet porn literally causes identical changes in the brain to hardcore drug abuse (I can link to the studies). However, not-fapping is probably not good for you, the whole "semen retention" thing is broscience hype. The fact...