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Recent content by firstbornunicorn

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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    You could try an older woman instead. They might be easier + will like to teach stuff. It's still real sex though, not a pay-to-win situation.
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    Sosuave is going downhill.

    I'm the best advice giver of the forum. Especially when it comes to knee health.
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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    You will not get experience. You will get easy sex (because you pay for it) and her job is to lie to you about everything. It will skew your reality in a not good way. It's like porn on steroids in how bad it is for you. You're 28 dude. If you were 55 I'd say give up and go to a prostitute...
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    Sosuave is going downhill.

    Yes. Most of the advice here is terrible & many users are toxic crabs.
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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    This user is mentally retarded, don't listen to him.
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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    you don't get this from a brothel.
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    3 questions for the guys under 30

    1. Mostly phone calls (hate typing with my thumbs) 2. I consider being an adult and having real maturity around age 45. 3. I do
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    I miss being young...

    Dude, I'm 29 and sometimes go clubbing with a friend who is 52.
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    You don't want a smart girl. Stop asking them to be.

    I disagree to an extent: "Dumb women are trouble because they're dumb, not because they're women. Seems like some users in the forum struggle with issues of low IQ in who they're dating and attribute them to issues of women in general."...
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    How do you handle high job stress?

    What you describe isn't stress. I have an old boss in my hit list for if I ever have nothing to lose and the right chemical imbalance in my brain.
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    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    I don't have a Christian background at all. Grew up with an alcoholic drug addict/dealer and I think that's why I avoid it now. I take other kinds of risks and have the scars and broken bones to prove it.
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    Body Count

    20. Started late (22) and was mostly in long term relationships (4.5 years in total, 3 girlfriends). My best within 36 hours was 3 girls. But I don't gain anything from having sex with randoms.
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    I think this girl I’ve been interested in found a beta provider

    Maybe on top of that he has a big ****
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    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    I'm not a local but I'm in Norway