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Recent content by EyeBRollin

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    I might have gotten the rona

    That is the problem. Rather than formulate a belief just accept that you don’t know rather than engage ion conspiracy theories. Injecting belief into an unknown virus is deadly. And it’s crippling the USA right now. This is a time for evidence; not belief. As to origin, bats is about 1000...
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    I might have gotten the rona

    False. Everyone knows COVID-19 is new. Nice try though. That is another false assertion. “New virus” doesn’t discredit epidemiological principles and public health practice. Social distancing guidelines were astoundingly successful in mitigation as predicted. It is flat out wrong to...
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    I might have gotten the rona

    That’s a strawman argument. There is a distinct difference between questioning what is unproven vs claiming an affirmative answer. Lookatu made an affirmative statement that governments are erroneously classifying excess deaths as COVID (with no proof) in effort to discredit the mask guidelines.
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    I might have gotten the rona

    Ignorant is making up conspiratorial claims and projecting onto others. Being “smart” is irrelevant. This disease requires heeding the advice of qualified medical scientists and professionals, which most developed countries and some US states (I.e. the northeast) have done to successfully...
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    I might have gotten the rona

    No. Speaking on topics you know nothing about is a conspiratorial claim. Bullshvt. Dr. Fauci is an immunologist with over 40 years of experience. That makes him an expert in this field. You don’t get to discredit things or people just because you don’t like what is said. Don’t spread...
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    I might have gotten the rona

    That’s a conspiratorial claim. Where is your source that this is sanctioned practice?
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    I might have gotten the rona

    Rona causes viral pneumonia. This isn’t some grand conspiracy. I agree on all points. At this point, all the denialists I’m content with just encouraging them to rely on their belief in Darwinism. There is no changing their minds or behavior.
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    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    This is 100% true I have experienced the same in most first dates. Assume every woman has gained 20 lbs.
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    Thoughts on this plate she likes me wants ltr/ idmitted to having feelings / she tried manipulation power play /i told her off and went on a rant

    I see two major red flags here: 1) No woman gets to see you 7 times in 3 weeks until you’ve been exclusive for a significant amount of time. This is engagement frequency. You need to cut off the supply of attention you became way too available too early. 2) There is never a need to “tell...
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    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    Covid has been a think for 6-8 months already. How can you say 3-4 months it will be over? 3-4 YEARS is more realistic.. with economic effects lasting a decade or more.
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    Do You Wear A Mask?

    Lol. Gotta fake it until you make it. In the northeast USA, people generally equate mask less people with losers. You’ll get dirty looks, possibly even cussed out.
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    Just walked out of a salon I'd been going to for 10 years (MASK)

    The OP is in the wrong here. The tantrum shown was immature and only let everyone in the establishment know it. Masks work and are required in public accommodations in nearly every state. Either follow them or don’t get served.
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    Can’t buy a gun; loopholes/workarounds?

    This sounds like BS. Even in deep blue states if you can’t get a gun it’s only because you can’t pass the background check. I am a registered legal handgun owner in New Jersey, which is even stricter than Illinois. Getting a gun was not difficult at all. Apply at the municipality, have three...
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    Girl I'm seeing called me out for living with parents....

    Dating 20-24 year old is like dating a child. If you have a dad-daughter fetish that’s cool I get it. At 31, I prefer 25-30 as the ideal age with which to procreate.
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    Are You Still Meeting Online Chicks?

    I still am. I been banging women my whole adult life, never so much as caught the flu. All we can do is take precautions (wash hands, wear mask, etc). The only way to truly be safe is to lock yourself in your room until the pandemic is over. In the US, that is likely 2-3 years AFTER our...