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Recent content by European-DJ

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    Emotional due to lack of options

    Lately I’ve gone from having close to an abundant supply of plates, to the point where it stressed me out. I then moved to a foreign country and started a job in banking, meaning that I work ~15hrs/day during workdays. This has lead to substantially less options. As the options reduced, my...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    Two months in I’m feeling a lot better, although I still think about her a lot. There’s no real closure and I see myself stuck in similar thought patterns as other users have described- you don’t really experience the same highs with other girls... I know that it’s for the better- but some...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    It’s interesting how torn the mind can be when having dealt with a BPD. It’s as if I miss / crave the constant ups and downs, yet know how wrong and damaging it was. It’s absurd to think I invested this much in the person who probably never truly cares about me. Life’s weird sometimes and I...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    Thank you all for the advice I really appreciate the variety in everything written. While I do agree to some extend that a lot of this is my own fault for loosing my ground and not removing myself earlier, I’ll have to say that I’ve never experienced more calibrated manipulation before - it was...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    I definitely agree that it is a watered down edition, but I also left out some of the details, including one instance during which I broke it off the first time and she had a mental breakdown and threatened to throw herself out the balcony / grab a kitchen knife... I, however, dismissed it as a...
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    Best ways to move past a BPD / Gaslightee relationship?

    Following 6 months in a relationship with a Gaslighter (potentially BPD), I found myself having had enough and ended it in quite a mess - but at least it ended. The relationship from an emotional perspective can best be described as: Beginning _____/\/\/\___/\/\_/\/\/\____/\/\/\ NOW With the...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Guess I’m back on with you on the NC after a couple of years. First of all, if you haven’t already done it, I would highly recommend you to go back and re-read your own posts, the advice you gave to me and the advice you offered to Jariel. If nothing else, it should make you overcome the pain...
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    How to get rid of a BPD girl?...

    So I’ve had my first encounter with a BPD women, who I’ve been dating for a while. The red flags were all there, but I had never read a threat about BPD girls and didn’t realize I was dating one until things got too serious and then too strange. All the warning signs were there and I ignored...
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    Flipping the tables through (perceived) indifference?

    Indifference is often recommended when a plate of ours is starting to loose interest and we want to “flip the tables”. However, I am very curious to hear some personal experiences and cases in which this actually worked. How long had you been seeing each other? What was the background? How did...
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    Rebound guy

    Met this girl while she had a boyfriend (she didn’t tell me about him, and when I found out I basically told her she could contact me when she broke up). Anyway, they broke up, now we are seeing each other and the sex is amazing. I’m talking about a propper nutcase who’ll fulfill every little...
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    The negativity is poisoning the forum

    Marmel, I will be honest and say I can relate to your point, but remember that the majority of us stumbled upon this forum after loosing / being rejected by our Oneitis. The first real “heart break” is the hardest to accept, during which you’re the most delusional. Therefore, like the members...
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    The negativity is poisoning the forum

    The negativity in the discussion forum is pure poison and mostly reminds me of sites like PuaHate or the subReddit “Incels”. I might be mistakes as I’ve only just recently started lurking the discussion forum and previously only focused on the tips and bible sections, but something is profoundly...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Day 50: I’m thinking a lot about her lately. For some reason I was absolutely sure she would write me yesterday, but she didn’t. I’m kind of disappointed because I believed her BS and invested so much of my time In her throughout November - January. Earlier today I had a strong urge to reach...
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    What was your single best improvement point that increased your success with women?

    Fellow DJs I’m very curious, if you were to pick your single most important improvement point that made you more successful with women, which one would it be? Let’s see if we can get an interesting discussion going with some good examples. Regards, /European
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Yup... imagine how I felt when I looked up from my laptop and saw her hahha