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Recent content by Epimanes

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    Girlfriend going to vacation, need advice.

    You can't control what she does... don't worry about it. Do you and when she he's back just pay attention to her behavior. If she acts cold and indifferent when she gets back. It's over.... your 20... your whole life is ahead of you. Epi
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    Got a metoo situation kinda

    Like totally ok..... like totally... Umm... honestly I think your on too much of a high horse here. Maybe she feels singled out if "everyone" is chanting your name while u neg her etc.... yeah... bit of a mee too going on here. I'd back away and give up on the harassment your giving her... let...
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    What's your opinion of when Married men says "Oh She's the boss"

    I lived this way initially...... after 25yrs we split and I got the kids .. my motto is now "make my d!ck hard not my life" ... I even said this to my new gf and she whole heartedly agrees and does a fine job. Other than for medical reasons I firmly believe now your woman should have a higher...
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    Not sure I have ever dated a quality woman

    Quality is subjective. If it's strictly looks ... likely never find "quality"
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    Real talk about the easiest country to pull “regular girls”

    I hear Thailand is pretty good.... 40$ can get you two hotties that will bang u all night and make your breakfast in the morning and have your laundry done too... I haven't been but know several that have been.... apparently we all live in the wrong country. They didn't Wana come home after...
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    How to raise children to be successful and happy?

    Help them and teach them to do dangerous things safely.... this will boost their confidence and sense of self.
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    Then you hop back in and fool around for round 2 .... and 3... I'm 44 and have never used viagra... 2 or 3 times per session is the norm for me... and gettin her several times is between (often ladies first though anyways)... if I drinking.... 1st one takes a while.. and 2nd one can take...
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    Lol ... whatever man.. you have no idea..... I have a woman that makes my d!ck hard and not my life.. i have puzzy on tap and shes bi too so im sure you can imagine where thats leading for me once in a while .. so I'm good thanks. I don't need to sleep with copious amount of women.. life isnt...
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    Also.... the Johnny depp thing is not gunna give men a free pass.... get that outa your heads.
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    Also @Suave88 I just wanted to point out that consent can be withdrawn at ANY time.... No way I'd be saying sh!t like "she's basicly begging to be Fvcked" .... clearly she wasn't or likely she woulda grabbed his D!ck and made CLEAR signals she wanted it... You might Wana rethink some of the...
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    Hmm.. I am wrong huh? I don't think so. I believe the situation was completely situational... and OP showing the restraint and just enjoying what was going on at the time and did exactly what the energy in the moment told him to do and what she was comfortable with. Not everything has to be...
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    Spent the night with girl without having sex - best way to proceed

    I think this is good. Shows self restraint... and self respect.
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    I miss being young...

    I would say I have a good woman now (ex trapped me for those 25yrs) .... and life is peaceful now. Never felt so much peace before. It's so weird. So am I enjoying it? Yep... considering I was in a relationship from 16 to 40 with same woman.... and last 7yrs of that marriage was absolutely...
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    I miss being young...

    Life is like a roll of toilet paper.... it goes by faster as you get closer to the end. A month feels like a week and week feels like a day. I'm 44 now and it feels like my 25yr marriage came and went in the blink of an eye and my kids became adults overnight. 23 and 18 Epi