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Recent content by Enigmatic

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    What's going on?

    Who cares man? Why are you worrying about if she messages you online first or if she approaches you at school? You overanalyze things way too much man. Don't worry about it. Most high school girls can be quite immature, and some are very shy. Maybe she's nervous around you now cause she likes...
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    How to be a player in a LTR.

    How does LTR=1 girl? LTR = Long term relationship. A relationship that lasts a long time. This doesn't necessarily have to be with one girl. If I was dating one chick for a year, another for eight months, and another for five months, that would be three LTR's right there. The whole...
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    Topic of controversy: Anal sex

    No, you don't get crap on your ding-a-ling. Just keep two items of common sense in your head. Use protection, and make sure she cleans.
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    Topic of controversy: Anal sex

    I was hoping for more intelligent discussion than this. No flames and childish remarks like "eww, you had ass sex! gross!". State your opinion on the subject I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-T-L-Y. This is a forum about scoring with women and dating in general. Last time I checked, sex was a part of dating...
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    Topic of controversy: Anal sex

    Thought I'd start a thread up to get some discussion going and sharing some viewpoints. And what's the topic? ... Anal sex! What do you guys think about it? Would you ever do it with a chick? Does the thought of it disgust you? Do you believe it's reserved for homo's and should never...
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    I'm gone.

    I agree with those who said there's no need for this. A long, drawn out farewell, when you'll be back soon enough. Plus, you really have no reason to leave. A few of us criticized your point of view, because I found it very ignorant, and you got upset and you're quitting. Does a DJ quit? No, he...
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    One of the better posts I've read this past week. Nice job man.
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    Learning the hard way SUCKS, yet again I find out..

    You've got nothing to worry about man. In my final year of junior high I was one of the biggest AFCs you could ever meet, heartbroken that my girlfriend of three months broke up with me. I'm in grade 11 now, and things have changed completely. High school is a whole new opportunity man...
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    Let's debate

    I'm agreeing with Luscious on how he said it all comes down to whether or not you are having fun. Personally, I'm a mixture of them all. I realize and accept the fact I'm still young and have lots of time, so I'm not too concerned with what happens with women. For me, women come into three...
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    Won't leave me alone!

    Tell them you just had surgery on your member and you'll be disabled for a while. In a serious tone.
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    Did I "take advantage"?

    No, you didn't take advantage of her. I'm so sick and tired of hearing chicks go on using alcohol an an excuse for THEIR actions. This is probably partly why the high school world is so full of AFCs these days... Take your typical high school b*tch. She's obsessed with maintaining her looks...
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    dbot's no-bs guide to HS success

    Nice. Quick and to the point.
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    Whats the suavest things you've ever said to a HB?

    I'm hardly getting the wrong idea. I've watched this girls interest level in me rise over the past few weeks, and I have her in a perfect position. She knows I have a girlfriend, she knows my girlfriend is attractive. I've got the status. She's seen how funny I am, and she loves it. I lay...
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    Whats the suavest things you've ever said to a HB?

    I got my first job about a month ago, and I got to know all the people there real quick, pretty bomb work place. We all switched name tags with each other one day to piss the supervisor off, and it worked quite nicely. We were all told to get back our name tags, and I had traded with this chick...