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Recent content by dude99

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    Ah no. The conversation would be much more like in message #9.
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    It would be a short conversation coming from me.
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    If she only sees you or asks to hang out at night....

    That was just blah blah blah Excuse. Your texting amount was probably fine. She probably saw something different and shiney somewhere else and rather than be honest, she lied and blamed.
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    Cooking is fine. Picking stupid fights and acting like a spoiled brat isn't
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    If she only sees you or asks to hang out at night....

    I would think her seeing you at night is better than a chick who would only see you during the day and never at night.
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    She is acting like a spoiled child.
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    Both are cluster b type personality. Any cluster b = automatic next.
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    I had an ex who used PMS as an excuse to become disrespectful biatchy and pick fights over the stupidest things. Her behaviour would become deplorable during the PMS time. It was pretty easy to fix though. She got dumped.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    You be yourself and do your thing. You do not go out of your way for her at all. What she thinks doesn't matter because she isn't a priority to you any more. 1. Just cancel all things and then get your own accounts and she can do the same. No need to even deal with her. Just do your own thing...
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    Are they aware of their own BS?

    A while back i had a work colegue ( female ) who's thought an awful lot of herself. We had a courier that would drop stuff off at our establishment, and this guy liked her and he would flirt and chat her up every time. Here is the kicker, she would flirt back and lead the guy on every time...
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    Advice: How do I seduce my chiropractor?

    As long as she is 'your doctor' she may never cross the professional boundary because she could lose her license. Only way to find out is get a new doctor then ask her out with there being no lines being crossed
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    How to handle a girl who is trying to slide out?

    You were used by her for validation. Move on do not waste any more time on her. Coles notes: 1. You and her met. She was using you for validation because things didn't work out with the guy who was at the top of her score board. The complicated guy. 2. You liked her more than she liked you...
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    I feel like I lost the frame, how do I get it back?

    Clearly a sign of low interest. If she keeps rejecting you over and over and over, the message is pretty clear. This isn't toxic no matter what that other user said. I would stop wasting time on an investment that is yielding no return.