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Recent content by dude99

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    Why Are Foreign Girls so much more friendly?

    Wo Women tend to find men who aren't from their country more interesting. Sometimes is as simple as a language barrier creating a challenge.
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    How to interact with a woman who rejected you?

    I agree with this too. My rule of thumb is never give them any more than 3 minutes of your time, make it known you are busy, and running late getting busy for a date.
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    I banged my friend

    Keep "not giving a sh1t."
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    I banged my friend

    Says she wants to be friends. Says she doesn't want things to get weird. Doesn't want you to get clingy. Smashes you and gets weird and clingy. Scared she will fall for you-- but wants to be friends. This right her is why we reiterate over and over, never ever pay attention to the blah blah...
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    What would you do in this scenario?

    F. Check it before it starts. When they start to hint they want material things, it is a slippery slope. Women will want to compete with each other as to who can spend more of their BF'S money. Stop it before it starts. "Cool. That was too nice of him. I'm so glad you're not shallow and...
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    Nc on a hb9

    Going no contact for a day or 2 isn't going no contact. It is just sulking. Going no contact is total no contact, for the purpose of you healing and getting over her. Ignoring her for a day or two would just cause spite and bad behaviour. If she has options and is a Hb 9 as you say and she...
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    Do I hand my number to busy worker?

    Don't do it when she is busy. Nothing is more unromantic or unappealing than not knowing time and place. Also Ask her for hers. This will help you gauge real interest level and it shows you can take charge and be a man. If when she gives you her number then you know she has interest. If you...
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    Did I handle this Right, Disrespect

    St I agree. Strength and holding your own are positive qualities every one should have and admire in others. Being able to hold your own and standing up for yourself in a real time of need is important. Acting like a child and not letting a person get a word in isn't a sign of strength. It...
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    Did I handle this Right, Disrespect

    I had an ex that would constantly interrupt me. Interrupting is nothing more than a childish struggle for control from a weak mind. So i recomend you stop interrupting her and lead like a man instead. Interrupting her will only make her more combative and do it to you all the more because women...
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    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    Perhaps it will give them that option, but my advice is just don't go there. Single mom = nope.
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    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    I completely agree, a guy who would put up with any of this is weak. As for you knowing women who know their kid is their responsibility and theirs alone, they are rare. My point is i deem single mothers undateable. To me it is a monster red flag if she is a single mother and it will only...
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    Does dating a single mommy help a man develop as a man?

    I think dating single mothers, contributes to an entirely bigger set of problems. 1. It does not do anything for the guy. She will expect you to play dad to her kids when it suits her purpose and she will also remind you "you're not their father," when it doesn't. all it does is deplete his...
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    What you think?

    Dude not answering your question is answering your question. If a chick reads your message that you have sent a specific date and time and leaves it read for days, and doesn't answer then her answer is no. She either doesn't have the guts to answer honestly (most girls don't ) or she is so self...
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    Things were so ON! Then something changed.

    Sudden change in behaviour always means something else has her attention. You came across as way to available and needy and as you stated she gets messages from tons of guys. One possible got her attention. Now you say she is taking half a day to get back to you and she isnt flirting like she...
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    Update: ex didn't reply.

    Have we all made mistakes. Yes. We all have we are all human. Unfortunately for OP his origional thread got locked because he wouldn't listen to advice. Even when the advice was offered in a kinder fashion. Then after that he had a second thread locked because he knew it was over? He knew she...