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Recent content by Dr.Rocanlover

  1. Dr.Rocanlover

    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    We just went out a couple of times but after the first time we went out, she was #1 on my high score list, and she's been there ever since
  2. Dr.Rocanlover

    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    No contact most of the time on her side.
  3. Dr.Rocanlover

    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    2012 to this day. It might end if I meet a girl a like even more, then she can be my new one-itis
  4. Dr.Rocanlover

    Where do you meet exceptionally good looking girls?

    - The nice part of town - The elotes & antojitos hot spot - Universities
  5. Dr.Rocanlover

    Approaching woman in a park: how and what to say

    Whoa bro. Chill. That line has actually has worked for me, makes girls laugh. I´m sorry you took it the way you did. Anyways, if that line is not your cup of tea, try the following: Approach a girl who is not in a group, ask her "Hi, Can I ask you a quick question?" (99% of them will say yes)...
  6. Dr.Rocanlover

    Approaching woman in a park: how and what to say

    How's your apocalypse going?
  7. Dr.Rocanlover

    How do I (33M) tell my girlfriend (32F) I don't want to be a "Disney couple"

    Back when I was single, I went to different Disney/Universal Parks at least once a year. Met my current LTR who had never been before. She joined me on a trip in 2018 (She paid her way) and now she´s as hooked as me. Our record is 3 vacations to Disney in a year (2019). We also went to Cancun...
  8. Dr.Rocanlover

    Long weekend with LTR

    Yes, only once per day. I don´t really need more than that. However, she sometimes wants it several times per day and she either tells me overtly she wants it or she just inititates and escalates; I´m always happy to comply and always make her kum.
  9. Dr.Rocanlover

    Long weekend with LTR

    Me: Yo, babe. I´m picking you up at your house this date and time. I´m taking you out for a bite. Her: Sure. The day of, I´m driving towards her house. I´m about halfway when she sends me a text: Her: I´m @ the pharmacy. I left the door open for you, let yourself in. So I did. Took out my...
  10. Dr.Rocanlover

    Going out to eat

    "Thanks for treating me to lunch. Come to my place _________ night and we´ll watch a movie and drink some wine". U r welcome.
  11. Dr.Rocanlover

    Girl I'm dating constantly giving me "s**t"

    I wouldn´t give it much thought unless sex decreases
  12. Dr.Rocanlover

    Men, why do you do this after a first date?

    OP stop f0cking around and invite him over to your place to "watch a movie and drink some wine".
  13. Dr.Rocanlover

    Girl calling me "Daddy"

    Call her mamasita
  14. Dr.Rocanlover

    Is my plate broken?

    Ignore what she says. Pay attention to her actions