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    Dude I'm going to be a man now

    Good fvcking job man, you've finally broken through that goddam wall. Congratulations. You'd better follow through, or you'll be more a pu$$y than before. And do it with style man, let your personality shine-girls looooooooooooooooove the funny. One-itis is when you become obsessed with "one"...
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    oily skin

    Dude, take a little baking soda, put it in your hand with a little warm water and scrub lightly with your hand-that sh!t works miracles!(Thanks Tamales) I used to always have oily skin until I started doing this-this crap sucks that oil right out of your skin. Only thing is you gotta do it once...
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    Best Friend

    HOLY SH!T dude! I'm in the EXACT same situation right now. OMFG. Still cant believe it. Anyways, I decided to move on dude, I stopped emailing her and stuff, generally avoiding her, and she's been on me like a bad rash dude, I love it. But, I asked her out, she didn't "want to hurt me" because...
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    The good guy

    InLaws: Yeah, shut the fvck up.:D
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    There was a post awhile back about this. I'll tell you what worked for me: I played music in the privacy of my room, locked the door, and just let loose in front of the mirror. What looked stupid I discarded, what looked awesome I kept. You'll just be groovin and those moves just naturally come...
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    Help! I'm addicted...

    Hey, I just make myself a lunch everyday and eat that. I am a skinny basta*d, but I usually pack about 6-8 sandwiches per day, thus I eat very healthy and I'm never hungry, so I never have a need for fast food. It saves you a crapload of money too. I'm talking 50-75 bucks a week. Add it up.
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    Different amounts for different people You can tell if you're drinking too little water by looking at your piss. If it's cloudy, time for some more. If it's clear as water, you are golden. I love water, that's all I drink.
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    HS Senior Guy -- Freshman College Girl

    I'm going out with a college freshman ...and I was in your shoes about 2 months ago. Exact same situation dude, you don't even know. Anyways, when I saw her at my work (we hadn't gone out yet but I had a feeling she liked me) I gave her a manly hug and gave her a kiss on the neck (with a...