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Recent content by Docs

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    I can't seem to nail conversation

    Because its Pimp. :)
  2. D

    Keeping A Grl?

    That's the purpose of experience. Judging by your typing style and the type of problem, you're still under 20. Lots of time to test this out, and as you know, there is always another girl if you screw up. So, go nuts. Even TALKING to her, about how you'd want a bit more attention, does wonders...
  3. D

    confidence.. want it back

    Sounds like you need to relearn a little bit of confidence and letting loose again, because I think I remember you posting really good stuff. Cross over to the dark side (signature) :P
  4. D

    Keeping A Grl?

    Ex, that means WAS and not NOW.
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    is this what women do when they think you're attractive?

    Quite possibly, you are getting checked out. Myself, I will scan every female in sight, and girls are quite like the same, they will scan the area for guys. Now, you catch their eye, and a few things happen. You can lock eyes, she'll quickly look away, or something along the sort of her not...
  6. D

    Keeping A Grl?

    Don't mention anything until she does.
  7. D

    Fake Phone Number?

    Ahh yes, where's the Cell Phone Abuse Advocates?
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    WTF Did I go Wrong?

    Then call her. It's only a hey, what's up.
  9. D

    WTF Did I go Wrong?

    So...you haven't seen her in two weeks. You're too strubborn to call her...because you think you're doing thie right thing. Week three WILL come if you don't do anything.... Give her a damn ring.
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    Quest to get a gf or get laid by Feb 32nd, 2039.

    I've lost all hope for you Luke...I really have. I can't even this statement as a glimmer of hope. But, I'd like to see a FR....
  11. D

    rAFC, need some pointers...

    Wicked! I'll get around to looking at it, and we'll get you started :)
  12. D

    Is it even worth taking personally?

    I'm assuming you're talking about the same group of girls that gave you names. If it's not, then whatever. I missed a critical detail you failed to provide. Whatever the case may be, you really shouldn't be focusing on my use of words. It proves a point, and I'm clearly not wrong. That's the...
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    Why I believe a 7/8 makes a better girlfriend than a 9/10!!

    I know some 6...7s...that when they try to look good, they jump to a 12, 13... Careful how you look at looks.
  14. D

    how much are you making?

    Legal? Illegal? Under The Table? Investment? Perceived Worth?
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    Is it even worth taking personally?

    You mean you're not the PIMP you so proclaimed? Clearly you've taken this personally. WHY are they not talking to ME? They SEEMED so INTERESTED the other day. What am I DOING WRONG? I can tell you, but it'll hurt your feelings, and your humbleness. You are EXPECTING an OUTCOME. Let me...