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Recent content by dk1990S111

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    Wouldn’t pay her a penny. Crazy times
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    Self inflicted transformation

    All you man lol
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    Self inflicted transformation

    You’d hit that? Lol
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    Self inflicted transformation

    Just crazy to see what a woman can do to herself in about 10 years. Facial and butt surgery. Never met her in real life just seen her pictures on FB through a mustang group Can’t imagine committing to a woman that ends up changing so much. Not trying to be cruel, just a sad reality.
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    Girl hung up on ex that died

    Friend of mine wants me to meet this chick, says we’d get along really well. But I looked at her FB and definitely seems like she’s still hung up on her ex that died about a year or two ago. Still has him in the background picture on her page (him sitting on a hill facing away). Probably...
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    How should I bring up to my GF that I don't like the thirst trap pics she posts on Snapchat

    Just be done with her. Don’t let her talk her way out of this bs. If things were reversed and she was at home being a good little gf and you were out hanging out with chicks getting drunk how would she react? She’d move on. Best advice as others have said is don’t even give her the...
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    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    Until you said she was a pro athlete I was thinking this sounds like a chick I dealt with about a year ago lol super high interest then nothing. She was having issues with her room mate/ex when we met but after seeing her twice she went to zero response. She reached out a while later and told...
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    I start to believe that tattoos are a good benchmark to measure women and cultures

    My parents raised me telling me “nobody will judge you for not having tattoos but plenty will judge for having them.” Also “if you want to be rich or successful, do what rich successful people do.” Don’t see many people I envy walking around with full sleeves and neck tattoos. Just shows that...
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    Biggest change with race and game I have seen in 2020.

    seems like you are the only one with that misconception bro. Obsessed with race
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    Bumble is rocking for me...

    That pre valentines rush lol
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    OT. Conceal Carry

    I have unfortunately haha all because of a buddy making a goat noise. Long story
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    “can tell you anything”

    Would have never thought of it that way but makes sense. She has said something along those lines twice now so ya maybe second time she was hoping I’d say the same
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    “can tell you anything”

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a woman you’ve been seeing says she feels like she can tell you anything? Seems good at first but then thinking about it could be bad if she thinks there’s nothing she can say that will cause you to judge her and lose interest
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Ya I definitely see she’s got plenty of red flags. Why her saying we should just be friends wasn’t a big deal. Not waiting to hear from her, just fvcked another chick 30 minutes ago lol but would like to see her again for sure if she makes the effort