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Recent content by dk1990S111

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    Car Ownership and Game

    My kinda thread lol I’ve had nice cars most of the time since I was 16. Started off with muscle cars but last few have been exotics. I have never bought a car to impress anyone, I buy them because I want that particular car and can afford it and it makes me happy. Just today I went for a...
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    Talking about me but not to me

    thing is though, she tells him it’s my bday but had no clue I’d be there that day. I think it’s more that she just mentioned it to him and I just so happened to show up for him to say happy bday to me. I don’t think she was trying to attention who re by saying it too. I do notice that every...
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    Talking about me but not to me

    I stay extremely busy haha owning a business makes that easy
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    Talking about me but not to me

    thank you lol doubt I’m legendary in her eyes though. Like I said, she decided to stop talking/seeing eachother because she wanted to try to get back with her ex who she definitely sees as legendary from the fb posts she’s made about him lol
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    Talking about me but not to me

    I realize this is small but has me curious. My bday was a few days ago, she doesn’t say anything on fb. That day I go to where she works to deliver paperwork to the guy that works next to her and he tells me happy bday, but I’m not friends with him on fb or anything so only way he’d know it...
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    Hittin that wall

    Girl I know posted this today. She’s lucky she looks a lot younger than she is but still catching up to her.
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    2020 has made me feel the pull to going full MGTOW (semi long)

    I’m not mgtow but right there with you man. Too many guys on this forum make accusations about what you are experiencing just to be right or feel like they are above you. Everything you say applies to me as well. I’m 6’3”, in shape (would be more if gyms weren’t closed up until recently), I...
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    Anyone know what the deal is here?

    ya I get all that lol special conversation just weird to respond and then unmatch or delete the app 10 min later at 6 AM
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    Anyone know what the deal is here?

    Ya I use those as well, saw that you or someone else here was saying most single women will be on there at least for a little trying it out. Makes sense. Just curious with this situation. Why she would respond and then be gone 10 min later lol
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    Anyone know what the deal is here?

    First off I know swipe apps are trash, only used as a supplement lol matched with a chick on tinder last night. Few messages back and forth and around 10 she goes to bed. Nurse so crazy hours. Wakes up at 6 and messaged back this morning. I’m getting ready for my day so don’t respond right away...
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    Follow up to last thread

    hindsight ya I probably should have. Pretty sure she was down and that might be all she was looking for idk. After dinner she got home and messaged that we could have gone to a bar. Sunday night and knowing we both had working in the morning I wasn’t thinking that direction at all
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    Follow up to last thread

    Anything’s possible but the place where she works came to me to get me to do work for them
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    Follow up to last thread

    not a coworker lol just see her at a place I do work for.
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    Follow up to last thread

    Just to recap, chick from a place I do work at randomly adds me on fb. Talk a little, go out and make out that night, she messages as soon as she got home saying she had a great time then next day she goes silent. Thursday I saw her working and she looked very depressed or disappointed. Sent...
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    Letting her initiate sex

    Depends on the woman for sure lol old gf from years ago would wake me up with her head under the sheets pretty regularly.