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Recent content by dk1990S111

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    Biggest change with race and game I have seen in 2020.

    seems like you are the only one with that misconception bro. Obsessed with race
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    Bumble is rocking for me...

    That pre valentines rush lol
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    OT. Conceal Carry

    I have unfortunately haha all because of a buddy making a goat noise. Long story
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    “can tell you anything”

    Would have never thought of it that way but makes sense. She has said something along those lines twice now so ya maybe second time she was hoping I’d say the same
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    “can tell you anything”

    Is it a good thing or a bad thing when a woman you’ve been seeing says she feels like she can tell you anything? Seems good at first but then thinking about it could be bad if she thinks there’s nothing she can say that will cause you to judge her and lose interest
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Ya I definitely see she’s got plenty of red flags. Why her saying we should just be friends wasn’t a big deal. Not waiting to hear from her, just fvcked another chick 30 minutes ago lol but would like to see her again for sure if she makes the effort
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Who knows, they do also have way more history than I have with her so could be why. Have no idea what really happened, don’t even really know if she has a bf just a guess based on what has gone on with her
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Would like that but after the LJBF talk didn’t feel like putting that out there. If she wants to catch up she has my number
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Lol wasn’t really posting as a question, just funny situation to me when they try to check in like that when things don’t work out for them
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    HB9 48 year old just replied. Wants me to take the Briggs-Myers personality test

    Bro forget the old ones lol learned real quick even if she’s hot it’s not worth it. Have one in her 40s that’s hot and really wants things to be serious with me but she’s got problems health wise that a younger woman doesn’t have. Really a downer when that stuff comes up. Sorry to say but at...
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    Birthday text from LJBF girl a few months back

    Got this message from a girl I was seeing a few months ago. Posted about her before, things were going good and then one night she said “the attraction was still there but she has too much going on in her life so we should just be friends” Didn’t really talk to her much after that, she paid me...
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    Clinger but good woman

    Ya sounds great but I just don’t want to make her think there’s a long term when she’s past the age of having kids. Know that down the road I’d have to leave her and feel bad that I’d have wasted her time, normally wouldn’t worry about it but since she isn’t a jaded bytch I do feel bad lol
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    Clinger but good woman

    @BackInTheGame78 been out maybe 5 or 6 times since just before Halloween. @Black Widow Void thanks for the advice on saying things to try to get the point across to her. Will definitely try that. Definitely feel like being involved with her now it’s kinda a lose-lose for me. She is really...
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    Clinger but good woman

    Trying to decide what to do in this case. Have this great woman that is hot as fvck, similar interests and in her own words always puts her man first. Problem is she just recently asked if I wanted her as a gf, told her ya sure. But she’s already talking way in the future. With how hot...
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    Too good to be true

    I don’t currently drive a nice car, but her seeing my ig she knows in the past I’ve had a few. Now just drive a year old F-150 base model lol nothing too fancy. They all know I own a small business, just 2 employees. I don’t dress fancy at all, not my thing.