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Recent content by djSlvt

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    Friend of mine's in trouble

    So why did I ask? Couldn't/didn't want to help her, gotta make up in some other way? I called my other friend and his old toyota will be available in about a month, he has his own rat driving it, lol. Perhaps the healthy thing to do is not to do anything? This is a bit confusing.
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    For florida, polo shirts and jeans is about right. I've seen a player with gay style (not gay) wear jeans, a button shirt, and shoes.. Only they weren't your regular sh1t you buy at store, he bought those at some gay butique on south beach. Shirt was like fancy white one. Jeans were...
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    Niki, Addidas. What's your style? Check out shirts in Vulpine's signature, perhaps something like that?
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    Friend of mine's in trouble

    Well, not really friend. She's my mom's friend. Called me today basically asking me to borrow my car. 4.6L stang, 25k miles, 5 speed. I lied to her I don't have insurance, and I told her that because I don't have license police will pull her over. Obviously she could have driven it...
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    Letters of Rec. for grad school?????

    Ask that professor all the questions you have about these letters, then ask her if she will give you one.. That puts you out there, and you are taking initiative, alas not another college student looking up this stuff from somewhere and then asking, as if not to screw up. Get on it.
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    Online "MSN" chatting to girls you don't see often

    Ohppp. You putting me down, then qualifying yourself, then raising your own value.. (and we know who does this, dont' we) YOU ARE BETTER THAN ME, SISSY BOY. :crackup:
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    Online "MSN" chatting to girls you don't see often

    Chatting with people you don't see often means you don't have other people to chat to.. Get other people to chat to, such as in person, over phone, over web cam, etc... Then you won't have time chatting with women you will never see or rarely see. What's the point of the chat? To...
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    Dude, layovers suck

    I just read that one with drunken accent. Nice typing, no mistakes.
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    Help with Hair

    I cut #1 on the sides, and leave like 2 inches on the top. Then gel it backwards. I have big forehead too, think Simpson grandpa.. I can wear it like that, or du-rag, don't matter. It only matters when you worry about your hair like a tupey. Your hair does not get you fvcked, you can...
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    Should I next this girl?

    If you're going to fvck her next time, then don't next. Understand that the frame of your relationship is already set, it's ok to be late. Things will not get better. Thus, if you're not going to fvck her next time, next her right now, just don't call her.. Circumstances (i.e...
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    She's completely naked... and I'm far from hard

    She gotta suck it before it gets hard, tell her to get on with it. If you're still soft, tell her she don't know what she doing.
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    How to get this girl in my situation?

    Bull crap like that means she's not into you. That means you next her. Example: you escalate at this place you wanted to go and she came along, and she starts with that. go.. "uhmmm, ok.. well, nice seeing you." Pay for yourself and go to a place next door to find another girl...
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    Where are all the single women? This US Map Shows You

    There are no single women. It's a myth.
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    Kissing in the Rain

    Guys think it's cool to kiss in the rain. Guys don't think it's hot, unless they're gay. Also, guys don't talk to friends about this and post polls about this, unless they're gay. Kissing in the rain is something you'd wish you could do, because it's something you can't do. You want...
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    Dude, layovers suck

    Stuardess. They're average looking, but they dress sexy, and make up. I like those long legs. They use a lot of sexual communication with their body, it's normal for me to get a hard on while flying. Girls in lingirie.