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Recent content by DJDamage

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    Attention seeking at its best

    He apologized because there were millions of dollars at stake with his sponsors.
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    How would you handle this?

    I don't think she was exactly digging at what you were saying, its a valid effort but it sounds like you caught her by surprise with a big goofy smile (although i'm guessing what your body language was at the time) and then you nervously existed the conversation. I found it to be better not...
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    Attention seeking at its best

    The truth is that famous male celebrities with money will always have groupies around trying to position themselves at the right place in order to catch a ride on the pony express. Its like shooting a fish in a barrel. Tiger Woods was married and had so many women hounding him without...
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    Angry AFC virgin killed seven people in drive by shooting [merged]

    Saw someone posted this on Heartiste blog, good response by Tyler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx3rkgqTWJ8
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    Worst cities for picking up chicks?

    Thanks Roosh for confirming it! http://www.rooshv.com/15-reasons-why-toronto-is-the-worst-city-in-north-america-for-men
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    Angry AFC virgin killed seven people in drive by shooting [merged]

    It doesn't matter where he spend his time, it obviously wasn't on learning game. If you have a problem, you cannot simply say "okay I give up" otherwise you are a loser. This loser gave up and 7 people had to pay the price cause of it. He isn't so different then the batman theater killer, he...
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    Who takes break ups harder? Men or Women?

    I say it depends on the individual mindset and the quality of their partner more then their gender. The more options they have in the dating market the easier and faster the replacement of a loss of partner will be and felt.
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    Is asking for closure post breakup considered weak?

    Agreed with everything that said also closure is made up by women to make them feel good when they dump a guy for no good reason (or cheated on him for sh1tty reason) and then when they accept their "friendship" offers they can pat themselves on back on a job well done. But if the situation...
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    Is asking for closure post breakup considered weak?

    Breakup is closure there is nothing more to discuss, think of it as "breakup opportunity" where you should be thinking instead of how great it is to be free and single again to chase a whole other slew of asses.
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    Angry AFC virgin killed seven people in drive by shooting [merged]

    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-27556097 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbv5Vpa-B-0 (his video) The sad thing (other then the senseless killing) is that if this man learned some game he would been able to get laid/gf because he isn't a bad looking guy. It seems that all the crazy...
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    Crazy woman attacked a man on the subway

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOerbQ4h5Xo As a man I guess you just need to take the beating from a strange woman in a public place because if you dare to retaliate and the cops sees this then you will end up being the guilty one. Notice no one stuck up for him or even said that she...
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    prayers for comic relief

    I fully expect some pickup report attempts of the nurses in that hospital unit till then.:D Have a fast and speedy recovery.
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    Do U think this running into cyclist accident is indicative of hot chicks' attitude?

    Do U think this running into cyclist accident is indicative of hot chicks' attitude? More like sh1tty society programming of Western Culture Civilization. What a fvcking c unt.
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    Anyway to save this??

    You answered your own question: If you develop oneitis for her then you can't keep it FWB because you will be lying to yourself hoping this will turn into a relationship. Cut your losses and move on.
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    Statue of man causes american women to lose their mind

    If anything this statue looks to be in distress, so if you are a male and you happen to be in your underwear outside because you just escaped a burning house fire in the middle of the night and you need some help, you ain't going to get it. They should change the statue for a hot looking...