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  1. DisposableBenchmark

    Where do You Meet Genuine Quality Women?

    University, OLD, and brunch locations. OLD is where most people meet nowadays, ONS or what not. OLD is a terrible situation, but it's still the most likely place versus anywhere else.
  2. DisposableBenchmark

    Open Relationships

    Relationship Goals
  3. DisposableBenchmark

    Cold approach is beta game

    Beta smeta, alpha balpha. What works works. It's about results.
  4. DisposableBenchmark

    Girl Loses All Interest AFTER I Make Her Cvm

    This. Women feel subconsciously that there's something wrong with either you or her if you are not ****ing her with your ****. I've learnt this the hard way. Even if women *** easier from oral sex, she still prefers you **** her and you ***, even if she doesn't. Obviously both would be nice...
  5. DisposableBenchmark

    Beer Goggles: The New Normal

    It's a sellers market. And it's only getting worse. There's a coincidence of supply getting shorter + men's game/status falling. And it's both self-fulfilling and creates positive feedback loops. The fact that men are having to lower their standards is reflective and representative of a brutual...
  6. DisposableBenchmark

    The 100 Approach Challenge

    My Bumble/Tinder is broken. I have to do the same thing now by necessity.
  7. DisposableBenchmark

    Showing Intent/Sexual Vibe on Dates

    Ask for a coffee date at 6pm, but make sure it's a place that also sells alcohol. Transition into the booze, and magic!
  8. DisposableBenchmark

    Women don't like to be chased (even online)

    It's rare for a woman to message first at all or in anything. Even on Bumble they'll just message first with a GIF so really I'm the one who has to come up with an openor to follow.
  9. DisposableBenchmark

    Men are your competition, not your friends.

    Exact same here. Maybe it was the same German guy?
  10. DisposableBenchmark

    If You're Not Good at Cold Approach After a Month, You Never Will Be

    It's just the ones gullible enough to sign up to a course. I can't imagine many normal people going to a seminar. Better find a wingman and learn via experience.
  11. DisposableBenchmark

    Hookup culture and casual sex are bad

    Roosh is that way >>>>
  12. DisposableBenchmark

    If You're Not Good at Cold Approach After a Month, You Never Will Be

    A great proportion (who knows how much, who cares) of the male population will never be able to improve on much. Life would have been better for these unfortunate souls if they had been born in medieval france. Let the church save all the souls, game can only save those who are ready and are...
  13. DisposableBenchmark

    Will Kyle Rittenhouse be able to date now?

    Won't be long until he turns his neo-masculinity street cred into an online self-development course for the sex deprived.
  14. DisposableBenchmark

    The time inefficiencies of game(from my perspective)

    You have to measure the opportunity cost not in currency but utils. Sure you're spending $2k, but if you're not spending that each lay what are you doing with the time/money, are you consuming other pleasures? Are you buying hookers? What you really need to do is to reduce your time per lay...