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    you think???... I was actually thinking about leaving the forums because lately Demon was like this little annoying turd that followed me wherever I went.... but then I thought, if I leave then the little turd wins on principle. sorry, can't do that. call it bullshyt macho pride. BAN DEMON...
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    BAN demon

    like I said, you just keep hanging yourself more and more with each post....keep up the good work, champ! p.s. I never assume the status of victim...besides, you hardly "victimize" me, you just annoy me. I'm just merely saying you are insane. You're also doing a pretty good job of...
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    The irony of that is that Nietzsche pretty much predicted the rise of totalitarianism in Germany... he made many references in his work to the "blond beast and his monstrous capacity" and how disappointed he was in his fellow Germans. Funny how the Nazis conveniently forgot that part.
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    that is what Kierkegaard struggled with in his work. He termed it the 'paradox of the understanding" - his answer, like I said, is that it is an unanswerable question...you simply either make the leap of faith and choose to believe, or you simply don't. period. [b] this is why I...
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    BAN demon

    This is where I think you are going insane. THERE IS NO HISTORY BETWEEN YOU AND I. Just that phrase alone suggests that you are not all there..... I have no history with anyone on this board.. seeing as you are just annoying words on a screen to me, hell bent on fabricating bullshyt...
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    BAN demon

    I have no idea where you got this beef with me.. it's almost kind of stalkerish and pathetic... as you, personally, don't really concern me. What does concern me is that you keep hurling the same accusations about me in some kind of lame attempt to sully me on this board. I happen to like...
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    yeah.. for real.. can you imagine Nietzsche going on a first date?
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    1. Hopefully this will inspire you to check him out. 2. It is almost impossible to become the "overman" even Nietzsche acknowledges this... it's almost like a higher state of evolution....like I said, his writing style is very powerful and direct.. it is very easy to get sucked in. 3...
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    It's nice to know at least one person on this board doesn't think I'm a just a roided-out meathead! :D
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    of course it was.... Anton LeVey was one of the many who warped the writings of Nietzsche to suit his own ridiculous agenda. D
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    Re: Wow, I wasn't expecting this type of response... hey pimp... if you have the time, I'd really like to hear your opinions on my little rant earlier in the thread... good or bad.. I think this has the potential to be one of the more interesting discussions on this board in a while. D
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    the best way to do CRUNCHES

    the best way to do straight crunches is to do a 5-second isometric hold at the "crunch" part of the movement. Do it this way, then see if you can do 4 sets of 30. This way is much more effective and better than doing 50,000 reps of crunches..
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    The KISS principle - keep it simple, stupid

    I fully expect your endurance to shoot through the roof - which will lead to higher max squat totals - and not to mention a nice size increase - specially in the quads.. how do I know? we used to do 20 rep sets of squats when I trained for rowing. now you know why oarsmen have such...
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    Are you a nietzschian "SuperMan"?

    Don't you think that snobbish attitude is something ol' Friedrich would rip on you for...? didn't he write that as students of his work, that you should come down from the mountain and educate the "filthy masses milling about like flies in the marketplace".....he predicted that his work would...
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    Help With A Bulking Up Routine With My "Ghetto" Multigym (A 50lbs Concrete Block!)

    hey man, you're going to hurt yourself with that building block! try this: it looks much safer! http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/275mac.jsp