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Recent content by Die Hard

  1. Die Hard

    I just realized

    Respect to you for laughing it off. I wouldn't have been able to do that...
  2. Die Hard


  3. Die Hard

    Are you guys actually worried about the coronavirus?

    Toilet paper is the new gold hahaha!! :p
  4. Die Hard

    Chick kills boyfriend by putting him inside of suitcase

    Wow, that must be a horrible death! Can you imagine barely being able to move inside there and the stress that alone creates? Then, as time progresses and you haven't eaten or drank for a long time, the realization comes that you are probably gonna DIE in there... Which will make you want to...
  5. Die Hard

    fell for it

    I think you misunderstand him. The moment she hugged that other guy, Albatross noticed that it had quite an effect on him emotionally. You know, when you like a girl and see her being intimate with another guy, it brings out an emotional reaction, you feel a little sad, or disappointed. That's...
  6. Die Hard

    Yoga girls

    So your ex was into yoga AND she was crazy. Sounds like another confirmation of my idea...
  7. Die Hard

    Yoga girls

    Haha, one positive and one negative experience so far. Keep it coming, guys ;)
  8. Die Hard

    Yoga girls

    Would like to hear from guys who dated women that are seriously into yoga (as in, it's a big part of their life). I never dated one, but I'm inclined to think it's a red flag... I have this idea that most of them are the 'alternative' type, troubled by their emotions (which they try to get...
  9. Die Hard

    10 years at SoSuave

    Thanks for that suggestion, I've been reading from the book and it does a lot for me! Nowadays, I really can't be bothered with girls who have nothing to offer but a beautiful face/body. I meet lots of girls age 20-25 in my social life, and they're all so far beneath me in personal development...
  10. Die Hard

    The girlfriend/ wife guys

    Can you expand on this, especially the cat study? Or do you have a link?
  11. Die Hard

    Unconditional love and marriage

    Parents-children love is not unconditional. Maybe in some cases it is, but certainly not in all cases! So stop stating this as if it's some universal truth...
  12. Die Hard

    10 years at SoSuave

    PART TWO: When a woman breaks up with you, you miss her like crazy. It feels like she's so special, you can't feel okay without her. Bullshyt, she's not special. She just activated that feeling you had when mommy walked away from your crib. Or when 5 year old you was in a big warehouse with...
  13. Die Hard

    10 years at SoSuave

    Just over 10 years ago since I registered here. Seems like a good moment to reflect. So where do I stand with all this? Women and the quest to attract them, it's all just a reflection of my inner struggle which originates from a messed up childhood. It's all about validation. Example: Met a...
  14. Die Hard

    The girlfriend/ wife guys

    Thanks for the Pook post, Epic. Just read some reviews of that book he recommended and decided to buy it. Should be interesting!
  15. Die Hard

    Ghosted?? Can't Make This Stuff Up

    I feel ya... Been there done that many times, it sucks to be disappointed Next time (I mean with the next girl), don't text her the next day. Let her be the one to text YOU...