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Recent content by devilkingx2

  1. devilkingx2

    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    The context behind this is important. If she was saying she'd never smoke while not knowing anything about cigarettes, then you should take that with a grain of salt. Like an opinion on a food she has never tried. If she told you that she has some strong anti-smoking conviction because she's...
  2. devilkingx2

    Do you like to "sleep around" with lots of Slvts, and expect to marry a virgin Trad woman?

    Personally I'm content with banging slvts until I run into a girl who is so much fun I want to be in an LTR with her for a while. I'm not interested in the trad con wife thing, it seems too boring for me. I want a girl who likes to party and go on adventures but isn't going to backstab me...
  3. devilkingx2

    Where to meet younger women?

    You can set the age range you want to see on OLD to something low like 18-25 or even 18-21. In real life you can meet younger women at places where younger women like to go: malls, bars and clubs (they like clubs more than bars), clothes/designer/fashion stores, etc.
  4. devilkingx2

    A girl expects me to pay for everything

    Expecting a girl you barely know and met on something like OLD or in a Night Club to not want a free ride through life is a strange expectation. The only way I'd automatically assume a girl would contribute is if it's a mutual 50/50 planned trip and she's my serious girlfriend Only way I'm...
  5. devilkingx2

    Is it really possible for there to be involuntarily celibate women?

    That's my ideal kind of girl so I actually support the gay agenda now.
  6. devilkingx2

    Is it really possible for there to be involuntarily celibate women?

    I'd say that's the case for women. For most men it's more of a question of how many approaches are you willing to do and how much rejection can you handle. For the rest of the men it's generally a case of doing some relatively quick and easy self improvement first (hygiene, style, health...
  7. devilkingx2

    Why I am extremely against Social Circle Game

    The problem with social circle game is that you need to build the circle AFTER you become redpilled, but by then it's usually far too late. If I could go back in time to the beginning of highschool, I could've bedded or dated half a dozen hot girls, been one of the most popular guys in school...
  8. devilkingx2

    Is it really possible for there to be involuntarily celibate women?

    There's women who are fat virgins too. The only way to meet them is online because that's the main way you meet someone who doesn't have many friends or talk to people. The ones I've known were young fat white girls who live in the middle of nowhere. And they tended to be depressed and...
  9. devilkingx2

    "Qualifying" Myself

    That's a perfect story! It makes you sound interesting and not like the other girls, while maintaining innocence and femininity; you're either a good girl even while committing crimes OR you found a clever way to get out of jail lmao. I like to tell the story of how I once liked the bowl I got...
  10. devilkingx2

    "Qualifying" Myself

    Yes. You have piqued my interest ;) I imagine that it was probably a misunderstanding or you were 10 years old stealing candy on a dare because those things happen to all of us. But the more guilty you actually were, the better :devil:
  11. devilkingx2

    "Qualifying" Myself

    I'd like to meet a girl with a criminal record actually, a lot of girls are quite boring and I think that would add some nice spice.
  12. devilkingx2

    "Qualifying" Myself

    So there's an anime called Kaguya-Sama: Love is War The premise is that two popular smart teenagers at a fancy school both like each other, but both of them are too prideful and arrogant to admit it. So they want to make the other one confess so they can date without losing any face. I once...
  13. devilkingx2

    Dancing for Dummies: From the Ground Up

    I'm in the same boat OP, and at least so far in my opinion, dancing is not something I have a talent for. I just try to avoid it.
  14. devilkingx2

    What are the BIG cheating signs to look out for that you have experienced from a cheating woman?

    Everything I've ever heard or seen myself as a sign of cheating in a relationship boils down to "the relationship suddenly becomes worse because of her". If the time, effort, energy, sex, etc. She puts into you goes down a lot or suddenly without good reason (her dad dies or she gets cancer...
  15. devilkingx2

    I've Been Banned from Tinder,Hinge,Bumble and CMB

    I've seen girls claim they got banned on OLD. I always wonder if they're totally nuts or if they posted nudes from their OF.