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Recent content by derby1

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    Girl mentioned rape on first date! Should I run away ASAP?

    no theyre always low hanging fruit themselves, every time.
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    How Important Is A Muscular Body?

    I have never had any woman like me on OLD anymore than a 2/10.Bugle whale, or single mom of 4 I dont think Ive even had a mediocre woman like me on there, who I still have higher SMV than
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    You don't "like" someone after only one or two dates...

    the last 3 women Ive got out, after all the effort it takes, have asked me nothing about me or my daughter. The irony is they asked for a 2nd 3rd meet, so its nothing to do with interest. They are in their own universe and not worthy of commitment
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    IL too low from the get-go?

    We have to over analyze because modern women are dumb as hell, one wrong move and they class it as submissive Beta energy. Yet they see the Alpha in a guy whos jogging pants are round his knees, with no driving licence
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    Heard if from the horses mouth

    if I could go back in time, I would have myself in a rear naked choke hold. choking the blue pill out of me
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    what does this chick want

    shes a 3 now, for carrying another mans child, actions have consequences her consequences is being messed about by men at the top of their game
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    what does this chick want

    Single moms think men are disposable, your in the UK like me, which is the biggest whiteknight Cuck capital of the world! she probably "earns" more than an accomplished electrician for pumping a kid out of her fanny. Their immaturity and narcissism levels are off the chart. the reason she is...
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    Heard if from the horses mouth

    My daughters Mom & I got together in about 1999-2000 This was in a town in the UK(our towns are still quite big) we had our daughter in 2006, her mom & I were close, she had her faults but she looked after the house, we had no outside forces, it was just the two of us. We barely used the...
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    How Important Is A Muscular Body?

    I agree, its nothing against smaller guys they just go unnoticed for their efforts imho, I know a few guys about 5 foot 5, theyre ripped but no one much looks at them
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    When did the red pill become basically black pill

    Men are bailing on women in there droves, Im noticing guys starting to call out their victim spiel online now, Men are noticing women all chat the same quotes
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    How Important Is A Muscular Body?

    Having a ripped physique gets women simping, however I believe you must me over 6 ft, for them to do it
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    how would you red pill an audience?

    I know we advocate not red pilling a man as he wont appreciate it till hes destroyed a decade later. but lets say your in a group discussion with men and women Without making the women in the room become combative or the men fly into beta rage? what points would you make to the room, to show...
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    How can I undo...

    basically anything society or women advise you to do, do the total opposite. 1)"you dont DM much" a blue pill guy would DM more, thinking he may lose the girl, the opposite is true.. 2) "Real men take on other mens kids and love them like their own" ...= more soyboy brainwashing 3)Notice how...
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    Girl mentioned rape on first date! Should I run away ASAP?

    She adores the guy, and awaits his return, this will be a common thing in a decade, due to fatherless households. the girls produced are mentally ill
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    How can I undo...

    listen to every Patrice O Neal clip on the internet 10-15 times