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Recent content by DEEZEDBRAH

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    Approach Anxiety Program

    It's not rocket science. Approach. Cut the ****. Go get girls. Not boomer bods. Not hypergamy rants. Actually get girls. You want to chain gun pickup. Sever that inner *****. Every set is PRACTICE. Every girl no matter how bad is a broken rubber and cheese burger away from expired. Your...
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    Female dating strategy website

    Yet reddit and other leftist idiots champion it but ban pickup or RP. A better use of this time would be getting girls. This nor boomer pods are value adding.
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    Have you ever been thirst trapped in conversation?

    Taking your d out is the nuclear option
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    Why do so many PUAs/pickup gurus come out of Canada?

    That's old school. Mate, new school is Austen Summers, Vidim honest signalz among others. Owen Cook is from Kingston. Alternatively, you got the London day game model and tons of girls coming out of there too. My take is that, certain areas promote the acceleration of game because of the...
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    AI, ChatGPT, and dating

    No ****. You still got to go out and approach.
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    AI, ChatGPT, and dating

    Guys need to go out. AI apps can be utilized to screen pics, ig and profiles. Regardless, majority aren't going out. Vast majority of gurus don't approach and can't pull. But they got a new course.
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    Competitive girls

    99% are chasing masculine women. It's repulsive and repugnant. #nextset
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    AI, ChatGPT, and dating

    We're in interesting times. We've seen how much social media and OLD apps have changed the game in the past decade. AI is about to do the same but on a astronomical level. It's already here lol. I saw a video where a guy used chatgpt to write his gf a poem for her b day. There's AI apps you...
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    Online Dating vs. Cold Approach (daygame and nightgame)

    There's way to optomize OLD. IMHO it should be supplementary and background application. It should be running in the background and little effort should be utilized beyond superb pics and running your sales funnel. Cold approach is difficult but a million times better. Most men don't approach...
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    Competitive girls

    Mate, ^^^^ post should be stickied and bumped upon check in. Fellas would be a million times better off pulling young, feminine, proper girls who come correct or #next! The reality is that while billions of girls are on the planet, you are competing for less than 1%. 99.999% are NPCS...
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    Competitive girls

    You've been following the beaten path. Career women are type A npcs. Hit and run material. Not proper like. Not play house.
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    Red Pill Reading List for Women

    Try terror of demons. A Christian breaks down the effeminancy in the church. It's a fascinating read. The origin of most of the big 3 religion is RP before RP was a thing. Tate is bang on about the west and Christianity. IMo wrong about being MUSLIM and that would save the west. Muslim...
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    Red Pill Reading List for Women

    I've done some of my best in the grocery stores, gyms, bookstores, and coffee shops. I got digits when a girl just kept getting books and sat beside me. She had a bf and still gave digits. Early 20s. Break rapport. Riff. Free associate. Take digits. Drop breadcrumbs and lead her back to your...
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    Red Pill Reading List for Women

    The problem is that for every tate, you got tons of fraudin and house husbands. I lead. She follows or #next! /thread