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Recent content by DEEZEDBRAH

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    Do you think out of control hypergamy is the reason for the epidemic of chicks ghosting?

    I am not kidding. Do you know how many left over women are out there? girls you or I would have dated or dare I say committed to when blue pill. Present day 2021 have hut the Wall.
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    How can you have game without the right lifestyle?

    IRRELEVANT! COMPLY OR BYE! Every cuckold is fronting with a Lamborghini rented and some other shtick. McGregor just got punched out by a guy who couldn't last 90secs with him. Fellas get lazy with too much puss and money. Stay HUNGRY. I can approach 100 girls, pull 1 and that's a W. You...
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    What is with girlfriends of your plate/ltr/gf/wife always trying to interfere

    Champion single ladies and goes home to her husband. #femalelogic
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    why guys getting feminine is a good thing for you

    I am watching Owen Cook live. Cold approach is the best way to get IMHO. yes, it is a lot of sourcing. There is no better feel. OLD is the special Olympics game. It's passive. It's low hanging fruit.
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    Are Dating Apps not just a waste of time?

    +1 Word. Approach. Swipe. Do it all. be sourcing but get money, muscles, learn game. The best girls are not in apps. Use but pay ZERO mind or self worth in the process. I am a man. i get girls. I pull. It's a way of life. BUT. I AM AFTER LEGACY. Make waves BUT approach as a way of LIFE. OP...
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    Are Dating Apps not just a waste of time?

    It's trash. Use it. Swipe. Hell try a match maker. Whatever. I prefer pickup. It's all WORK but what's the alternative? Read Stefan Arrnio hard times. Lots of reference for many great books men should read. The dude made a lot of money. Mentions that gradual decline in masculinity in men and...
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    How to ask out customer with clear interest

    Your game sounds weak. Game on a customer is lazy. Cold approach non employees not in your workplace. If you had game a better Q is, who to juggle a harem of multiple women. Not one customer.
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    The Greatest Advice to Myself. [Signing off]

    YVals harrari 1st book homo sapiens is better.
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    They now have divorce loans.. The world is unreal these days

    The court systems cater to women BUT women made their bed. After Rollos newest book and Mating Mind by Geoffrey Miller, I am well aware of male proclivity to provider and protector. Men MUST train off this point of origin. I never met any woman ever worthy of that. Unless she's your wife...
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    Starting a red pill blog

    Red pill is full of shilling and married dorks. Few exceptions. If anything, pick a different lane. Better roi elsewhere. Bachelor blog. Avoid red pill buzz words and demonetization. Be warned. Remain anon and make sure that you are anti fragile like the Tates. Doxed isn't a good time. No...
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    They now have divorce loans.. The world is unreal these days

    The majority of women are getting banged out and guys be it here or in general are marrying her after the best yrs are over. Tbh the cesspool is the smp is why ballers are going to sugar daddy routes as the sunk cost of modern day women is short of a dumpster fire. I'm not into it nor will I be...
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    They now have divorce loans.. The world is unreal these days

    I agree but why? Rsd Tyler had a bid about the secret society in reference to guys who pill and get it vs 80% of the SMP with men. There was another one of keep the society in order. There is a system that supported by cucks and beta trads. I have seen the stuff in America. I don't know...
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    They now have divorce loans.. The world is unreal these days

    I won't do it. While I am critical of Rollo at times, he dissects marriage in the newest book. He describes covenant marriage. He also discussed the data on first marriage and it's always after her best either epiphany phase or post wall. 28-32 pending US or UK. I'm wanting lineage. I am focused...
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    Try to help me maintain frame with current gf

    You don't. you take it out and instruct her what to do. Comply or bye. That willingness to lose the girl is attractive vs walking on egg shells. Before lock down, I flew to ibiza last year. Snl and balcony throater. She is a random. no gf. Big ups Cap mate on pulling top form smv 18-23...
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    Try to help me maintain frame with current gf

    I don't like thick. Women bulk fast. women got a shorter shelf life. 21 though playboy? big ups. Just reframe from pedestal treatment (going down, overkill fir her orgasm , not getting a bj). it won't end well. 21 or 18. it don't matter. She needs to be in your frame.