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Recent content by Dash Riprock

  1. Dash Riprock

    I was the rebound guy, What can I do now?

    No offense OP, but you made a *big* rookie mistake. NEVER get emotionally involved with a girl who just got out of a LTR. You're simply a placeholder to fill the void left by her ex. I could have predicted with 99% accuracy how this would turn out for you on day one. Plus, she's creating...
  2. Dash Riprock

    Women triggered by older men dating younger women

    They don't like it yet "cougaring" was and still is, all the rage. They even made a TV show about it years back, Desperate Housewives. Gained solid ratings. The bigger question is why are you even mentioning it? I date girls 20+ years younger all the time but don't tell my female friends about...
  3. Dash Riprock

    How do you deal with nagging woman?

    All these answers and theories. Just plainly tell her to stop nagging you. Period. I was on the phone with an old friend awhile back. We're talking and I hear his wife come in the room and start talking, he puts down the phone and clearly says, "Lisa, quit nagging me when I'm on the phone." She...
  4. Dash Riprock

    Mature single woman miffed at men's profiles demanding that the woman be fit

    When the already overly-obese US gets back to singles meetups, post pandemic, lol.
  5. Dash Riprock

    How to interact with a woman who rejected you?

    This, 100%. I'll add if/when you do talk to her, and you will, always break the conversation first by saying you're busy and have to go or you see someone (preferably female) and want to talk to them.
  6. Dash Riprock

    Should single men go for single mommies because they are proven to have at least 1 successful relationship?

    7. Divorce proves there was at one time a successful relationship. And also likely proves she lacks the communication, patience, commitment, and conflict resolution skills it takes to keep a relationship together. So much easier to crumple up and throw out a relationship like a used McDonald's...
  7. Dash Riprock

    The movie "Casino" is an excellent example of female narcissism

    Casino and Good Fellas - both MUST SEE movies for men. All-time greats. Boys may not understand or appreciate them. Way above and beyond your average BS super hero s*hit Hollywood keeps regurgitating these days.
  8. Dash Riprock

    When she pulls back.

    Make yourself unavailable for a while. If she bolts, she bolts and she wasn't worth it. You'll increase your SMV by not being so available too. Take longer to message her back. If she asks what you're doing on a certain day, be nice and cordial but tell her you have "plans" and leave it at that...
  9. Dash Riprock

    Worst Dating Advice

    I'll agree with this. Chasing and wearing a girl down isn't my game, but I've seen it work. In one instance my best friend from college, his sister married a guy who would not stop pursuing her. She's maybe a HB6.5, he's about the same for a guy. He's a good guy, not a beta, and they've been...
  10. Dash Riprock

    Worst Dating Advice

    This. NEVER ask a woman for advice on dating or other women in general. Way back I used to ask girl-friends for advice. Learned over time it was bad advice for many reasons. Most guys (90+%) are way too beta/blue pill to offer substantive advice too. Didn't know back then though, either. Then...
  11. Dash Riprock

    Should I break up with my gf (30) for being a brat?

    WTF, who does this? OP, you're the brat. Do you lack communication skills or self awareness or both? Pouting for 3 weeks over something so trivial is a bad look for a man. She'd have every reason to dump you. I actually hope she does. You need to learn.
  12. Dash Riprock

    Covid-19 Testing & Dating?

    You're a GD idiot. Leave the forum, pls.
  13. Dash Riprock

    Girls Don't Recognize my Intentions: Showing Intent

    I haven't read any other answers in this post, but I'll give you my thoughts: RULE: Women are like ovens, men are like blowtorches. Translation: Generally speaking, women take more time to warm up to a guy they don't know very well. About 1000 reasons for this but safety, biological...
  14. Dash Riprock

    Is the thrill of the Bad Boy so overwhelming that even smart women fall for them?

    It really depends what you're definition of high-quality is. There are a lot of moving parts to that. I'm in my 40's and see hot attractive women around my age all the time. But I do live in arguably the fittest city in the entire US (pop. 100,000) so everyone is really active, in shape, and...
  15. Dash Riprock

    Is the thrill of the Bad Boy so overwhelming that even smart women fall for them?

    A ripe old 21 and got all the answers, huh guy? Ok. Then you don't need SS, do you.