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Recent content by daproest1

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    I can't believe I'm 38 and haven't been on here in several years (Updates and suggestions needed)

    10 is what you’ve been dreaming about since you were a boy. Every detail down to the eyelashes. HER eyelashes. I had that. Lost it. Wish I didn’t. Good girl too. Smart. Submissive. Worshipped the ground I walked on.
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    Manosphere Copes (Men Rotting Their Own Way)

    Man 25-29 was THE BEST.
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    reality check when everyone is playinhg house. gayyyyyyy!

    I gotta be honest, the most successful and ambitious I’ve ever been, was WHEN I played house. For over half a decade. There’s something about having a low notch Count submissive 10, 4-5 years younger than you, that completely energized and inspires you. Haven’t been able to recapture that since...
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    reality check when everyone is playinhg house. gayyyyyyy!

    Honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t occur to some of us. Or we think we’re younger than what we are. That’s what happened to me. Lost 6 years of my life. My best years. From 25-31. When she left I was like wtf I’m in my 30s! I’ve had women since, and have one now, but it isn’t the same and I...
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    I can't believe I'm 38 and haven't been on here in several years (Updates and suggestions needed)

    You’d think so, but they aren’t around. I think rollo might’ve gotten that one wrong. The best you’ll do is the 10 u found in YOUR mid 20s (who had the self esteem of a beaver) who was in her late teens or early 20s. That’s the one we all should’ve kept.
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    Are most of the people you grew up with married, have children or both?

    The more fvcks u give, the less fvcks u get. Remember that.
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    How can women find permanent love?

    This is only possible when she’s young with a low notch count, and u are a god to her. After that, Late 20s and 30s, she’s trash.
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    Anyone scared to get old?

    Sounds nice. But it also sounds like a whole lot of waiting and not a lot of doing. Things don’t work that way.
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    Breaking hearts

    Man the low partner counts are the best ones. I regret not marrying my oneitis. We had a good run though. Over half a decade. She was a 10 who acted like a 2 around me, and I was the 4th guy she’d been with.
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    Notch count ? Who cares ! Gimme nice face and firm ass

    It definitely matters. I can literally FEEL the difference between a woman who’s slept with 15 dudes and a woman who’s been with 3. Completely different animals. Sorry ‍bud
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    Cold approach tips

    I don’t know how old u are. I’m 32 and I was a bartender at nightclubs in miami fl for about 7 years. Then got together with a 10 and kept her around for 6 years. Short version, she wanted to get married, REALLY bad, I didn’t yet, she left. Beauty is easy to handle once u get used to it. It’s...
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    The Caveats of Redpill Manipulation - She Can Never Know!

    If they exist, they’d just be happy and check themselves before cheating or leaving their relationships on a whim. They’d know that they’re just biologically retarded.
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    Absorbing the Loss of a "Good Woman" is how you get Redpilled

    Excellent post. It happened to me, but not like that. I never submitted to her or got lazy. The other extreme actually. If anything, it got to the point where I completely didn’t care about the relationship ship and just focused on me. “She’d never leave, if anything I’ll leave” definitely did...
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    Cold approach tips

    It’s how u say it. It doesn’t really matter what u say. It matters what u feel inside and what Vibe you’re giving off. U have to think like... “I wonder if I’ll like her”. NOT “I wonder if she’ll like me”. Just say whatever. Then ask questions. Study their responses and body language. Ignore...
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    Get motivated and TAKE CONTROL!