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Recent content by DanishDJ

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    Travelling information - how do I plan my holiday?

    What is the meaning of life? It think your questions are to open for anyone to really answer them, try adding what you want, the most important question.
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    Going limp

    Make the chick put the rubber on you
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    A Disturbing Statistic

    Seriosly, if one percent of the men took 50% af the gals, and the gals where getting sexed once a week, then the 1% guys would each have to do it 50 times a week, thats 7,15 different girls every day.
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    muay thai/k1/kickboxing/shootboxing

    The K1 rules are designed acording to comercial demands, it should provide the best entertainment, but as for training and your fighting skills I dont know.
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    girls with bfs

    Lately I have gotten numbers from a couple of girls that tells me they have boyfriends. What is the best way to play it then? Just ignoring it and doing what I normally would do?
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    Don't trust hotornot to rate your pic

    Your average is not directly calculated on the votes people give you. They "normalises" the averages acording to some statistical distribution, or something like that. http://www.hotornot.com/pages/faq.html#faq18
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    My GF The Porn Nazi

    Seriously, its not nice leaving porn on other peoples computers, it is just like you left a magasine on her kitchen table. Not everybody feels comfortable about that stuf. Imagine some thrid person using your gf's computer and finding the stuf, how embaressing would it be for her to tell...
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    Girls on cell phone

    Seriosly, do you really think it is cool not to know the most basic stuf about cell phones?
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    right time to kiss a woman???

    If she switches between looking at your eyes and your mouth, then your sure.
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    Sarging Euros

    Funny you should say this, just resently I was hanging out with a groupe of french people. One of the guys spent alot of time telling me about how french girls where reserved and wouldent put out. One of the french girls however repetently tried to break into our conversation. 2 minutes after I...
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    Authentic Confidence with Girls

    Yes it is true exposing your private parts to strangers on the street is the best way to build confidence.
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    kappa what is it

    In my country Kappa is normally sold in supermarkets, not so stillish to get your close in a grosery store, but the quality is alright, it's actually good stuf, but it dosent impress anybody.
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    Ayone from Denmark?

    I am in Denmark, Århus to be exact, where are you?
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    Clubbing ALONE!!

    I go clubbin alone often. My friends are cool and I can go with them aswell, but then its for having fun not for picking up.
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    any knockout punches?

    Do a left jab at the same time you move your left leg to the left, follow up with a right cross. With a little luck your opponent isent turning to face your change in position and you should be able to hit him from the side behind his right fist. good luck.