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  • The Universe has an algorithm that is better than your plans. When it comes to romance, The best thing to do in my opinion, is to seek fulfillment without women. This seems counterintuitive. But this is usually when the most complete women show up through the universe’s algorithm called serendipity.
    Your desperation for female validation is a reflection of your own low standards. If you had actual high standard for YOURSELF, you would know only the top 3% of females would appeal to you.
    This is my last message on sosuave. There is only one meaning in life. And that is REDEMPTION. But more importantly, it is redemptive love. But it is a juxtaposition. The meaning of life is both forceful, yet holds dear. It is strong, yet lets go. It is desire, but without expectations. It yearns, but allows the mystery to happen with full vulnerability. Ultimately, it is FORCE with no need for power.
    I've come to a similar conclusion. To be strong yet vulnerable, risk prone yet calculated, rich yet humble, attached yet free. The ideal is seemingly impossible, yet comes naturally.
    I'm always astonished by people who look for "secrets." As far as I can tell, if you have the integrity to work hard, do the right things, take care of your responsibilities, and give your best, you can achieve just about anything. What "secrets" are there? The only truth is integrity.
    Remember this lesson in life guys, you dont want things to come easy for you.

    You want to work for it. You want to earn it. You want actual merit and not just clout or advantages.

    You want to master your craft like the great ones.

    Because it leads to infinite creativity.

    I can write about seduction for another 100 years and never run out of ideas. It's infinite.

    Once master one thing, you move on.
    We live in the age of entitlement and special snowflakes. Everyone wants to feel special, but few actually are. So they take the easy route and play victim and act offended over everything. Take the real route. Work hard and earn your merit. Become special, don't just demand special treatment.
    Life is not about being the best. Its about being genuine. I dont give a damn what your life goals are. But can you show true genuine emotions about it? If so, I can stand behind you and root for you.
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    Too many people are so obsessed with perfection that they give up too early. This perfectionism can stem from insecurity. They can't stand imperfect results because that means they aren't perfect and the fragile ego doesn't like swallowing that pill. It takes maturity and accountability to not only own your mistakes but to own whatever consequences arise, be they mental, social, physical, etc.
    The more life challenges me, the more enlightened I become. The more impossible situations show up, the more transcendental I become. That’s my attitude. With this attitude, adversity is welcomed with a smile. Thats the masculine attitude. No victim complex. Only transcendence and redemption.
    Dominance + will and determination = masculine beauty. If you are a naturally dominant guy and you use all your will and determination to achieve something great, you will automatically appear beautiful to women.
    An age old truth is that 99% of women are INHERENTLY insecure and will try to compensate by trying to manipulate you somehow.
    It can be very difficult because they know how to slide under your skin just right.
    da storm
    The more self love you practice, the more naturally you will laugh at people's attempts to undermine you. To the degree that you still react to people, use that as a measurement to see how far you still need to go. The most fulfilled person can actually contain all the insecure egos, like Jesus.
    I got it. When your strong and focused enough the disruption attempts are laughable. Not even a speedbump. Your fully self contained.
    Always have the balls to be the center of attention and let the chips fall where they may. I sometimes get hated on by insecure people, hit on by women, praised by admirers, or shunned by enemies. But either way, I am the dominant force in the middle of it all. Even my detractors fall into my frame by making me more important than I need to be.
    "Always have the balls to be the center of attention and let the chips fall where they may" - since reading this line I've come back to it multiple times in social situations. Its profound and should be internalised by all. Deserves a full post.
    Word of the day is "final form." Despite forgetting more game than most people will ever learn across 10 life times, I don't even believe that being a master of game is my final form. I think it's 75% me. I envision my final form to be more than petty romance. Focus on your final form and evolve towards it. Don't be afraid to transcend your current mindset. The final form you ultimately benefits your environment.
    Now is a time for all the “awake” people to stay awake. Don’t believe you are a victim. The world is trying to do a frame grab and fool you into believing you are one. Thats why everyone’s immune systems and vibrations are lowering. If you don’t come out of this shutdown with a new skill, more knowledge, new side business, or more internal dominance, then what you lack is discipline and frame, not time.
    There is only one purpose in life. And you’ve always known it in your heart of hearts. And you might have forgotten it from time to time. But in the moment of your greatest realization, you are reminded once again...that the purpose and meaning of life......is to be Epic.
    The entire "game" is a woman's attraction for you vs her anti-slvt defense (cognitive dissonance where her body says yes and her mind says no). If you aren't tripping up women's ASD's, then you aren't dominant enough to even be in the game. You are a spectator. So work on your dominance until every woman feels uncomfortable around you. Until you see cognitive dissonance everywhere you go.
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