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  • What about strong chicks? They are forgetting all about their feminine powers (empathy, compassion) and that's WHY society is decadent
    You are not your feelings. Control yourself. Stop identifying with every fleeting emotion. A man who controls his emotions controls his life
    Hey man!! I saw your POF and okcupid game. Its pretty sick. I can get women to reply to my messages but I couldn't pull anything.
    Can you be a my mentor to help me to learn the text game? I really appreciate if you do. I will teach the knowledge to someone and pass it on.

    Thanks man.

    Your fan.
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    da dynamically
    That's not how life works, lol. It is up to you to put all of my convos together and find a pattern. I did my part. Most gurus won't even show you their actual convos. I'm not going to be great with women and spend all my time teaching guys for free too, lol. I have a life and things to do.
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