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Recent content by Cremasta

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    Emotional due to lack of options

    Your problem is your job. You've got ~9 hours left each day for sleep, travel, self-care and relaxation. This is not enough, you're going to burn out... your emotions are just a symptom.
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    She shows up but won't show up

    Don't put the hard word on her and don't ghost her... use her. Tell she's a really cool chick, so she's probably got some cool friends. So, are there any she can hook you up with? Even if she doesn't set you up with friends, she will know that she doesn't have you on a string anymore.
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    Women with mom issues?

    Did any of these women have their own kids? As soon as they do, they realise how hard it is to raise a kid and they tend to get along better with their mum after that.
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    If a hot girl rejected you initially but comes back to you later, would you be open to her?

    Why not? Have fun with it. Acknowledge that right now she is not a serious option and just treat her like practice until she proves herself otherwise. Try out any of the weirder techniques you've read on this forum and let us know how it went. Don't spend any money on her and if a better...
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    Conflicted, two girlfriends which to choose?

    Girl A is better, but Girl B is the one you want. Go with Girl B, and hope you don't regret it.
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    Flake After Magic Happens

    Lots of possible scenario's here, but my theory is that she still really likes you, but... she talked to one of her girlfriends about the night she spent with you. The girlfriend said "What the hell are you doing, he could be a psycho!" and now she's been frightened off. There's no next move...
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    Flirts then accuses me of being jealous

    Do you think this is what a gf should be contributing to your life? Walk away. But before you do that, get anything of yours out of her house, cut all ties.
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    Escaping the friendzone? Good or bad?

    If you still like her, then why not? What you've achieved here is at the very core of what this site is about. - You liked a girl but got knocked back. - You left the situation and improved yourself. - Now the girl is yours for the taking, on your terms. Well done I say :up: What's...
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    Talk Some Sense Into Me Guys, Struggling!

    We often hear about 'Women's Intuition', well, guys have it as well. Our problem is that we usually ignore it. If you've had this gut feeling, and it's strong enough that you've noticed it... trust it.
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    Dating a 21 years old

    Why not play the game and see where it goes with her? Just don't make her your only option until you're happy with what you're getting.
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    "I haven't had sex in a while"

    I thought it would be obvious to you by now. If a girl is telling you about her sex life, she wants you to be part of it :yes:
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    Ex texting me after week of no contact

    I like that, good comeback. Regarding her saying she wants you to go on vacation with her, unless she's going to be paying for everything, then it's a bad idea. Even though she's trying to play games now, because it wasn't a bad breakup, me, I'd reply with anything along the lines of: "???"...
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    Why do 20 year old women say 40 is young, but 30 year old women say 40 is old?

    I'm going to go with 3) and a couple of possible reasons. 20 year old girls want a guy who can show them the world and buy them stuff. They are often trying to act older than they are, and a 40-year old guy who's well established is a good way to do that. 30 year old women have seriously...
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    how to get over ex oneitis

    Stop sitting around thinking. Keep busy. Trade up.
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    Why do men get one-itis?

    Haha! No, that list was just to illustrate the point. I have no interest in guitars or any of the girls from when I was 12 :)