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Recent content by Create Reality

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    What is your favorite cologne to bait women?

    Canali Ball Sweatt
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    Are people weird when you buy condoms over-the-counter?

    Make a comment on the graphics design of the package
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    The truth about chinese food

    backseatjuan, that is just a fallacy to think because you have changed your diet means the food was somehow better. If life was this simple, all obese girls would be skinny.
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    Self-Driving Car Predictions

    Don't count on drones getting the job done, Iran could steal your pizza for themselves!!! http://rt.com/news/204939-iranian-version-us-drone/
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    Are pullups really that good of a muscle builder?

    It is better on the joints, and more importanly, promotes muscle building, to do pull-ups fast. One must set a pace to a good pull-up. Hanging on the bar while convincing yourself to do another rep is bad form, it stresses the elbow and shoulder joints while the muscles fatigue. I approach...
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    Women only training hours at my school's gym

    Honestly, the whole concept is preposterous! I almost can't fathom the ego flopping. What kind of kiss-ass chastity is going on here!?
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    Self-Driving Car Predictions

    Self-driving cars will eventually allow passengers to ride for free, if they accept a non-stop stream of commercial viewing and listening for the ride duration :yes:
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    List of things mature adult men should not be doing....

    -seek out excuses for rationale on the internet :kick:
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    TheStig's Workout Log

    Your lifts are impressive! But in my honest opinion, unless you really ARE a bodybuilder, focusing solely on lifting is a dead end in personal fitness. There are many different workouts that change the focus of strength, like calisthenics. Why I like calisthenics is because it provides good...
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    White Ohio woman sues over sperm from black donor

    It's obvious they have fears over their child being racially segregated somehow. It's also obviously not the truth that will happen. The sperm bank ****ed up, didn't even give the couple the right donor's sperm. Could this be a groundbreaking trial?
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    Ass Grooming Tips

    Use scissors, and do it yourself or pay somebody else to do it.
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    Is that true that rumor about sodas and coke being dangerous on your bones?

    I've started drinking less soda and more fruit juice. A juicer is becoming my best friend :lol:
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    Men live without women > than reverse

    There's not a lot of women working dirty jobs, compared to men.
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    Mom Arrested Over Son's 'Fire Challenge' Video

    A hot topic indeed.
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    Sleeping with a Partner Issues

    Bigger bed is a good idea. And on top of that, a comfort foam topper, so she won't shake the bed when she does get up and out. Maybe even seperate blankets! Best of luck man.