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Recent content by Count Chocola

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    Why the homotrend is rising

    The only reason why gays are trying to push their agenda is because they are supported by the majority of sympathetic women, and the movie actors who they are employed by, because they their their hair and makeup, and wardrobe design. If gays didn't have the support of Hollywood, and holly...
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    A Long List Of Ways The Seduction Community Can Make You Weird

    from: http://ipower.ning.com/group/relationships/forum/topics/a-long-list-of-ways-the
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    Text from her

    Don't reply to it. Its a chain message, the best reply is to not reply.
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    Dj Bootcamp: Week One

    I am going to start Exercise 1 today... and yeah i think we should exchange IMs.... for some reason i think this is going to be fun.
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    Pageant: The most AFC song on the planet and its 14 runner up miscreants *caped*

    Hahahahahaha "he left me for a fish' she said! I cant explained the joy in hearing such a manly, but maybe a little too adventurous song. This song is pure raw masculinity, but im going to let the lyrics speak for themselves: Well I love her But I love to fish I spend all day out on this lake...
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    Video Proof that Good Body Language Gets You Laid

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    Why the homotrend is rising

    I agree with Crimson King. This a forum about girls, and the ultimate purpose in life is too reproduce and thrive, and homosexuals go against the natural and bilogical way of life. except for some multi-cell organisms, there is only masculine and feminine in nature.
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    'The Escalation Ladder" by DiCarlo

    14. Direct Vaginal Stimulation from Behind (Inside Panties) Once you have really amped her up by incidentally rubbing her vagina, move your hand around to the back and slip it inside her panties and touch her naked ass. Next, move your hand all the way down and reach her vagina. Start first by...
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    'The Escalation Ladder" by DiCarlo

    The Escalation Ladder by DiCarlo http://www.directnaturalgame.com/Techniques/kino-escalation-ladder.html .... i recommend his site, interesting articles The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is a step-by step formula, followed by a number of laws which govern it's use for maximum effect. It is...
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    What is the best tip that you can give ?

    Don't make love without the glove! When unsure of a sh!t test..... just shrug! http://blogs.salon.com/0002007/images/shrug.jpg
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    Since Ive joined Sosuave...

    That's DJ thinking right there.... everybody, this is what you should be doing, don't think about, just do it. http://api.ning.com/files/YGxMkz9VmsogYOXxguqAU205-kovnfF9ekU1i0yntLMtm7Itb0VBGeWbU*KwMwGl4dpiKbbVvM9vWCvvrXqdQWXT79G*DFG9/JustDoItv3.jpg
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    What the hell do guys hang on the walls of their pad?

    Plants and posters are the way to go! Your also need objects that are conversation pieces, stuff that will get her curious and talking, like art or a unique clock, or some statues. Get some cheap, under $5, high quality posters from Adam Hersh... he has like 295,000 designs...
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    An interesting thought: how having siblings or being an OC affects you

    I am the oldest of my 4 siblings, and this is true. I tend to act alpha around them, and as i grew up i was highly social and alpha with my friends, but the only disadvantage of being the older brother, is that you have to learn everything yourself firsthand, and then pass it on to your...
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    "Text Game Done Right" by Gambler

    Text Game Done Right By Gambler from: http://www.puatraining.com/puablog/2009/05/text-game-done-right/ check out his other articles! I get asked about text game all the time recently. I’ve got tons of stuff, but here are some basics that should tighten up your follow-up skills and get...
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    Snowdog's Super Tips

    I love it, very well written, summarizes in simple terms the steps in improving your game. + rep