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Recent content by Chowdah

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    Bump for suggestions
  2. Chowdah

    Plate found out I'm with other girls and got upset

    You're so delusional
  3. Chowdah

    Ever see a Tinder profile like this?

    If I was a hooker, I can stand on the street corner and get scraps. Or I can be a stripper and milk the moolah Come on dude, with all the posts you advise in…I thought this would be obvious.
  4. Chowdah

    Worse legal case you ever had?

    At 19, I got caught with 3 handles** of liquor from a grocery store and was gently guided into the second story. Since the amount was over $50, the security guy said he had to call the police. I told him, these were actually on sale so it came out to just over $40. The guys gave me a smirk...
  5. Chowdah

    My ex is driving me crazy

    As Billtx said, DO NOT BREAK NO CONTACT This chick will ruin you if you let her back in
  6. Chowdah

    Best Activities to Meet Women/Expand Social circle?

    Attend Meetups and actually try to know everyone, not just to pick up chicks. Plant the seed so in future events you'll find someone that catches your eye and backed with social proof. Like everything, it take effort and patience. I'm starting to host events, it's a great way to build your...
  7. Chowdah

    Relationship with expiration date dilemma

    I have, she was a plate that I didn't want to lose. I led her on to think she was my GF for 6 months. I felt horrible, and I had to end it. And I ended it via text. I was an immature asshoIe. She got married last year so I felt a tad bit better and really happy for her. I wouldn't...
  8. Chowdah

    Would This Forum be Dead without Theory Crafting?

    There’s a lot of perpetual posters sparking discussions on what their theory is and buzz feed articles. I’m curious what the content would be if we omitted those. I’d like to post content in what SS would be engaged with. Would like to hear your thoughts on topics to discuss.
  9. Chowdah

    Plate found out I'm with other girls and got upset

    Why would you go down on her after f’ing her After you got her in tears. After she said it was the last night. And you expected a BJ in return? And kicked her out because she did not do it? The Fvck man. You just lost a plate for no other reason than not being able to control your emotions
  10. Chowdah

    Managing OLD…

    When I was in my hoe-down phase, I only filtered by how willing they are to meating up. I dropped the ones that were more difficult to deal with. I’ve only kept the ones that were down b!tches and went out prospecting. I think you’re at an age where you have a good idea of what you’re...
  11. Chowdah

    Asked my boss out

    This thread should be stickied, not because he is oblivious…more so quite the opposite. Dude knows what he’s doing and pretty good at it.
  12. Chowdah

    Why do you think this chick that had lost 420 lbs dumped her boyfriend?

    I have a project on Tinder I’m working on. Find chicks are hot behind 100lbs of extra fat, get them on the keto diet and provide them encouragement to go to the gym with me. Chicks at the gym will see me as a standout nice guy, someone who sees the inner beauty in people. I’ll report back in...
  13. Chowdah

    21 with 4 failed relationships - Any advice?

    Young grasshoppa, you are in college. You've experienced 4 relationships before 21, that's awesome. What did you LEARN from those failed relationships? This would get some insight on where your head is at.
  14. Chowdah

    Disqualifying Women

    @LTG71 I do really appreciate the time you spent on this write-up, it's evident you have learned so much during your relationship and many younger men will benefit from your experience. This is where I am at right now, where I'm pretty sure I know what I'm looking for in the personality and...
  15. Chowdah

    Ever date a widow?

    Just throwing this out.. My previous job, a chick that worked under me was a little too open. She found out I was single and wanted to be my wingwoman. She was great but baths!t crazy. She has still never got over her ex LTR, met some guy OLD. I found out she was seeing her ex. The guy she...