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Recent content by Chocolate Muffin

  1. Chocolate Muffin

    Are marriage laws bad in anglosaxon countries only, or in western europe as well?

    @Fruitbat Thanks for the clear and detailed answer. I think I read that in France the monthly pension in case of children is not that high. Something around $1000 / month. But I would be very interested in there are French gentlemen who are on this forum, to talk about their experiences.
  2. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    Men also seek high-smv partners. Your comment doesn't make sense to me.
  3. Chocolate Muffin

    How many women in the West (of any ethnicity) do you think can cook a proper meal and clean?

    Last girl I did a mini-relationship with (ukrainian), made effort to cook nice stuff for me. She was virgin before me, 1m76.
  4. Chocolate Muffin

    Are marriage laws bad in anglosaxon countries only, or in western europe as well?

    I've seen countless of threads talking about how marriage laws in the usa / australia are way in the favor of women, that you should never marry there, etc. As a 34 years old french gentleman, I have not yet looked into french laws in details but I know that we have different types of...
  5. Chocolate Muffin

    Tips on quitting smoking.

    I'm posting really good advice about dating apps. All the infos are in my threads. As for height, someone needed to create a proper datasheet since many people seem clueless that it's an important factor. Hell, a forum member created a thread about dating only low value women. I made him admit...
  6. Chocolate Muffin

    Tips on quitting smoking.

    It's easy. Just suddenly stop buying cigarette packs. I don't believe in the "taking it step by step" way. If you do a relapse, ok smoke one or two cigarettes then take the rest of the pack, put water inside it from the loo, tear down the cigarettes and put them in the bin. That way you won't be...
  7. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    Only a lower-class parent would marry a small person. Higher class people know that it's important to pair with someone of decent height.
  8. Chocolate Muffin

    My lame experience in Medellin, Colombia

    You didn't miss anything. If you want to travel to a decent place, please refer to my world map of liveable places. I made a thread about it here : https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/tall-women-world-map.274304/
  9. Chocolate Muffin

    Looksmaxxing becomes more important as men get older

    When I went to the usa for an internship as a student, I wasn't accustomed to tipping so sometimes I didn't tip people because it bothered me. We went a few times to a strip club and I was super stingy with the strip women. They kinda ignored me after a while. Lol.
  10. Chocolate Muffin

    How many women have you slept with in your whole life?

    Around 200-300. Stopped counting around 40. Most of them are asians and latinas though, if you only count white women then I'm probably around 15-20.
  11. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    Taller women on average come from better families. They had proper nutrition and low stress to grow well. They are thus, higher class. Small women are lower class, thus undesirable.
  12. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    This is a map of the places where women are on average above 160cm (orange) and above 165cm (red). No european country has an average height that would necessitate a third color. Not that your opinion mattered, anyway.
  13. Chocolate Muffin

    best dating apps for quality

    Facebook dating is a bit weird. It's between quality apps and trashy apps for women's looks. But my main quarrel against it is how it randomly disappears. Sometimes the app shows up, sometimes not, sometimes it shows up but when I create an account it says my country is not supported (which is...
  14. Chocolate Muffin

    best dating apps for quality

    Hey I'm in SEA currently and my value there is through the roof. Only annoying thing are masks, which means that running day game is not optimal. I'm focusing mostly on online game and I have had the time to try every single dating app to find out which apps are worth it. In the end, the only...
  15. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    I would add something : - 5 zones are either white women or women that have had a white influence (south america and persian empire) - 1 zone is isolated from white influnce (east asia). If you're white, it's the easiest place to go for tall women. But they won't be as tall as white women.