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Recent content by Carson02

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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Has she apologized or even expressed regret for breaking up with you? You are validating her and will soon be buying her an expensive meal. Don’t be surprised if she withholds sex from you as a lure for future contact.
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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    Blocking (other than in cases of stalking, abuse, etc) is a sign of butthurt beyond the contact/ignore argument.
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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    I wouldn’t write anything more at this point. Anything further is validation for herself (ie her talking about passing her exams), and night try to suck you into being friends.
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    bpd or something else/worse?

    You probably already know this, but her emotional instability is intensified by alcohol and her need to feed off your attention (any attention), and that of others. Her actions are like a virus that attaches itself to your own weaknesses that you never new existed. That virus will never fully...
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    Interesting situation

    Full of land mines: STDs, child support, fallout from the “V” if news gets out, jealousy/revenge from her partner, a kid showing up at your doorstep, etc. What else could go wrong?
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    How do you get along with marriad dudes at work

    It sounds more feminine for guys to be judging you over your marriage status.
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    Are most married guys Betas?

    If the marriage is about a power struggle, it is doomed from the start. Too many men sacrifice their own values and happiness to appease their wives. Some people are never happy, and no amount of sacrificing will fill their void. Self-sacrificing is about fear. Fear that she will withhold sex...
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    Women And There Attraction To Men......

    Implement the two bag rule for the “buttaface.”
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    Today's reality and exact opposites

    And those children are unknowingly trained to be physically and psychologically subservient in future relationships and society in general. When a child is repeatedly told “all men are....,” or he is continuously told to express his feelings, his natural recourse during future conflicts will be...
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    Recovering after being dumped

    There is no rationalizing taking another shot of heroin, no matter how small.
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    Today's reality and exact opposites

    The problem starts at home when mothers are assuming roles as fathers either because she carries the balls or the father is not in the picture. Mothers, in general, are not designed to develop boys into men. Men in turn are more effeminate. Society is full of labels (ie beta, alpha, omega, etc)...
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    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    As previously stated, I frequently fought fire with fire, but but did not permanently dismiss soon enough. My only advertisement is walking away being the only option.
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    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Someone desperate to get laid.
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    Charlie Brown (BPD) Experience

    Sounds like extreme irregulated emotions over mental health. If only everyone withdrew all attention toward them.
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    BPD ex, had rebound, how to proceed

    The point isn’t to try to diagnose toxic individuals or find strength to fight off their bullying, if it occurs. The point is to eject early when recognizing signs of significant toxic behavior. No matter how strong you are, toxic individuals with cluster B can and or will attempt to find and...