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Recent content by Caelum

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    Anyone have experience getting/maintaining a 3some with a gf or plate?

    Just fulfil some fantasies with her and move on.
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    I was the rebound guy, What can I do now?

    You don't have a life with her, you don't have kids, not a house, car, bank loans etc. You've dated for 3 months. You're basically creating an issue wich does not exist. Go out with your friends, sign up to tinder or something and soon she wont even be dust in your mind.
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    Giving out your number instead of getting hers

    I always give out my number,but I make sure Ifollow it with "text me up and I might respond" (something in those lines, sorry english is not my native tongue). Just to not seem too eager.
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    Why it is your duty as a man to eat her a$$.

    Did a chick write this?
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    What the redpill got wrong

    Well, men are so feminized today that they think they can only get one woman. When they land her, they do everything to keep this woman. But if men grew some balls, and said no to a girl that had sex with 30+ guys then their attitude would change because they couldn't get away with it.
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    Can PUA bootcamps really help men that have the terrible trinity of short, ethnic & ugly?

    There is probably some woman out there who want them. Maybe not that blonde though.
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    i felt like My Girlfriend was holding me Back

    Then why would be with her in the first place? I think it's awesome to see a man having standards and not puttning up with this stuff. A woman would dump a guy in a heartbeat for the same reasons. I think he took a rational, calculated decision wich is nice to see for a change.
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    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    For a month was my longest, and it was recently. Don't think I'll get it again though.
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    Has a chick ever agreed to meet up with you despite somehow later mentioning she's 'taken'

    Can't even be bothered with girls like that.
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    Old flame back in the picture - how to handle?

    I don't feel that way at all. She don't have to contact you couse she allready have lots of guys. I always assume they are reaching out and after I've talked to her and the convo is about to end I just ask "so I guess you want to meet up couse you texted me". And it works 99% of the time.
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    Born-again virgins; is it always alpha fux/beta bux?

    I feel just like OP. Now after her party/rave years, she finds this poor guy who sadly is a virgin and just don't know how to handle women.
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    To bang another mans girl or not to bang another mans girl

    Aren't we just fueling the cheating behavior of women if we bang them knowing they have men? I think it's just a win situation for them and personally wouldn't want to give them that satisfaction.
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    Have you had a similar experience with this type

    Since she passed down the offer, don't talk to her or write her whatever. If she writes you stuff other than if you want to meet, be very short with her. Go about your days and when she is ready she can contact you.
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    First forum post: could use some woman advice brothers

    I think the first mistake was to wait for the third date to make a move. I always tell them if they want to go back and chill at my place on the very first date. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. But I think It's better to just know what they want there and then.