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Recent content by Bwedr

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    Highly recommended book. I approve this message....

    Ca Can u send the PDF please
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    Gamed tonight girls asking questions

    What does it mean if a girl asks u if ur gay???
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    Women cant complete you. Kill the thirst

    Is is this scientifically proven? or men are conditioned to think that sex is Gold?
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    Is intelligence truly attractive?

    Pe Perhaps u shud send a pic we judge for ourselves
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    Thanks man
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    How accurate is this statement?

    I thot u wud nightlight thoz things unlike leaving it open like that..are u shy..kkkk @kiddn
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    You guys who make 6 dollar figures,hear me out!

    Taking note boss...anymore suggestions
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    You guys who make 6 dollar figures,hear me out!

    Am willing to invest 50 dollars in any company per month..what deal can we strike? Or what business preferably online can u suggest..i need ur response on this.thank u
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    Ur jst a peissmist..nthg gonna happen
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    I have really big depression

    Ur giving false hope,stop it
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    I met a guy online who told me to invest 50 dollars with him so tht i can generet a 90 dollars extra .is this feasible and reasonable
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    What is the recommended minimum then,according to ur platform
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    I want to have an idea of how investmnt returns ar.. According with th company ur dealing with..could 50 dollars generate 90 dollars within 24 hrs?
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    Thanx mr jack fr ur reply..what are some the legit companies dealing with bitcoin..i wud like to invest with them
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    Gentlemen i want your serious guidance about cryptocurrencies..are they real? Are they worth investing in? Thank you n advance for ur response .I highly regard ur knowledge and direction.you guys have really changed my mentality!