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Recent content by Bonhomme

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    Poll: What is life about?

    The answer is different for every person. So I chose the last option ... :D
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    It's a boy!!

    Congrats! Hope he's healthy and happy!
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    Do you believe in Karma?

    What goes around comes around -- in a largely disorganized way I don't believe in karma in the way many people understand it. I don't believe in any "cosmic equalizers," but do think energy gets around, so to speak, though only in as organized a way as we make it. Not unlike Iqqi's point of...
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    the economy

    I'd say our point of disagreement is not so much what the minimum standard is, SmoothTalker, but whether or not it is provided. But then, you are located in Canada. In the US, it is most certainly not. Nobody's guaranteed work that can bring in enough to provide those basics in the US, or...
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    Why should prostitution be illegal?

    It's illegal because those who made the laws did so on the mistaken notion that making it illegal would discourage it. I don't think the fines collected exceed the costs of enforcement, so it's not even a cash cow for the cities. The main effect of legalizing it would be to make it safer and...
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    the economy

    And having to struggle is a good thing? :confused: This country's lost its mind, like I said.
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    the economy

    I readily acknowledge that, SmoothTalker, get your point, and am well aware of how bad things are in places like Liberia. And you know who really made them that way? Those who brought "civilization" to them. But that's a whole different issue and story, connected though it is. But it's...
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    Why aren't you married?

    I like that one, romangod. :up: Must remember it. This brings to mind one time I was asked this, and some of the women were outright offended that I didn't consider getting married a goal in itself.
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    the economy

    A flat tax on income exceeding a "living wage" makes perfect sense to me. As I said in my prior noblesse oblige post, I consider taxation of sub-living wage income stealing people's labor.
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    the economy

    Did you read my post? I said quite clearly we're headed in that direction. And don't kid yourself about the % of the population in the States that is "all that poor." The homeless shelters are filled to capacity, and there are many homeless who don't even stay in them. I'm sure it's much...
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    "RealAge" test

    I need to read the privacy statement more carefully before going ahead ...
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    An ethics question...what would you do?

    As long as you made no warranties, you have no obligation to refund any money.
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    the economy

    Sharp of you to put "cheaper" in quotes, Danger, because the net effect of outsourcing may well cost more than it saves for most Americans. Consider the relative prosperity of the 1950s and 1960s when most goods were produced here and typical factory workers were earning enough to raise a...
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    the economy

    This is more circular logic: using the market's own criteria to justify the market. I'm talking about the effect of the market on quality, and simply using my own business as an example, Danger. I'm not talking about fairness, which is obviously seen as a quaint and outdated notion, but...
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    the economy

    I would say that a majority of self-made millionaires don't. Probably a vast majority. Most people can "work on ideas" until they wither away, and still won't be able to parley that into massive income. Most of what most of them give is but a small percentage of what they've already...