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Recent content by bonesmahoney

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    The Obesity Epidemic: Good or Bad For Us?

    Pros: it is eliminating male competition in droves, as men get fatter and fatter. Cons: hot women are increasingly scarce, making competition for them ever more fierce. Conclusion: is it a wash?
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    PSA: Girls Are Hornier Out of Town

    NEVER miss a chance to travel out of town with girls you are interested in. This is your BEST opportunity to hook up with them, no strings attached and this can continue on back home if you so desire. Travel is such an aphrodisiac. Well, maybe not anymore these days, but when things resume...
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    How to EASILY Join the Top 30% in Looks

    The formula is very, very simple. All you have to do is achieve and maintain a normal, slim appearance. This would've made you "average" 50 or 60 years ago, but a slim, normal appearance is a prized commodity in this era of super fat, completely inactive proto-slugs we call humans. 70% of the...
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    A womans life is determined by Chad

    I'm not overstating this. When a stacey or stacey lite is rejected or feels rejected by chad, she can literally develop something akin to ptsd. It is literally traumatizing and she can't ever return to the same level of optimistic bliss she experienced pre-rejection. Her entire sense of...
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    A womans life is determined by Chad

    The most devastating scenarios are when relatively hot girls are rejected by Chad. At that point, they are ruined for life. Their entire emotional state is forever lowered. Before, they thought they had a chance, but once they see their opportunity lost, they can't get ever regain their initial...
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    Confusing Situation: High Interest Girl

    Actually, I did run into her again a couple of weeks after that. She was sitting alone at a park. She was on her phone and seemed to be in a very serious mood. I literally walked right past her. I wasn't even sure if it was her. She was seated right near the area I usually work out at so I...
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    Double Lay Report from yesterday...it was a good day

    Looksmaxing forum eh? I've lost 15 to 20 pounds this year, quite close to the ideal lean athletic look. How much difference has it made? Very little.
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    Double Lay Report from yesterday...it was a good day

    I remember reading some advice from a "pua coach" where he told some guy to write up fake lay reports to boost his confidence LMAO! The more detailed the better. Any lay report is basically fiction without photos/videos.
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    Confusing Situation: High Interest Girl

    Kinda redundant to say "high interest" as this is pretty much always the case, but maybe she's more shy or sensitive. I met this girl at a mixer, we chatted for a very long period of time. I didn't bother to get her number, enjoying the convo, forgetting about logistics. Couple of ****blocks...